Yellow Blended Dresser

yellow dresser closeup front

This yellow dresser makeover is a re-do of a prior white paint job.  Sometimes white can be boring, and you need a little sunshine!

This dresser has made its way around my family.  It belonged to my brother who gave it to me to paint and sell, and then my mom saw it and bought it.  Here is what it originally looked like.

yellow dresser before

If you’ve been with me for a while, you saw the original Cotton white finish in this antique dresser refresh

antique dresser after

It lived that way for a couple years until my mom decided it was looking too stark and clinical in her room.  She requested shades of yellow and gold to warm it up.  Since the first coat was already done (the Cotton), this finish only took about an hour start to finish!

Here are the supplies I used.

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Colonel Mustard Yellow Dresser Makeover

First I gave the white paint a very light scuff sand and dusting.  I painted the Colonel Mustard around the outside edges. 

You might notice some of the trim pieces are missing and there are some little veneer chips I didn’t repair.  With both makeovers, I just embraced the age and character of the piece without trying to make it perfect.

yellow dresser makeover

If you struggle at all with getting your paint finish smooth, you might want to take a closer look at your paint container.  If you’re painting straight from the jar, you may have crusty paint build-up on the top edges. 

And if you scrape your brush across the top edge to remove a little paint after dipping it, you may be picking up little crusty bits that can end up in your finish.

To remedy this, either pour your paint into a separate container each time you paint, or wipe down the top edge of the jar with a paper towel before closing it up.

Shading with Daisy & Lemonade Chalk Paint

While it was still wet, I painted about an inch wide strip of Daisy inside the Colonel Mustard, just as a transition to the next color.  Lastly, I painted Lemonade in the middle.  I went back and blended all the transitions between colors, but it was still a little dark overall.

Buttercream Chalk Paint Highlight

To lighten the whole look, I added Buttercream starting in the middle and blending outward. 

I try not to make the blending too symmetrical on a piece like this, since time wouldn’t wear the piece equally.  The shading adds character and more of an artisan look.

yellow dresser portrait

I even saved a bit of the previous distressing by wiping those areas back with a paper towel when they were still wet.  I didn’t seal the piece with anything.  It’s in my mom’s guest room, and doesn’t get much use. 

Because Dixie Belle paint is self-sealing, you don’t have to seal it unless you want to add a sheen or extra protection.    

The top was already stained a dark espresso color from the first makeover, so we left that intact.  I added back the existing vintage hardware and this yellow dresser makeover was done!

yellow dresser angle

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