White & Cream Painted Furniture with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle whites

Today I’m sharing a collection of white painted furniture using Dixie Belle paint.  They have quite a selection of whites, and it can be hard to choose just the right look for your project. 

To make things easier, today I’m giving you examples of how they each look on furniture.

If you’re going over a dark wood with any of these colors, I recommend using white BOSS first.  This will seal in the wood tanins and ensure you get a true color on top with no bleed-through.

Resource List for Your White Painted Furniture:

Here are the white and cream paint colors I use on white chalk paint furniture:

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Dixie Belle Cotton

Cotton is a true cool-toned white.  It is great for contrast against dark stain, and for a crisp clean look on your white painted furniture.  It looks great distressed too. 

Check out this china cabinet that my client uses for game storage in her finished basement.   You can see the full project here.

china cabinet after

This dresser-to-buffet transformation is also done in Cotton; you can see the full makeover here.

buffet transformation

Dixie Belle Fluff

Fluff is still crisp and clean, but it has a warm undertone.  It also looks great against stain.   I would choose Fluff over Cotton if the other colors in your room décor are warmer or lean toward earth tones. 

This TV console started its life black, as you can see in this before and after shot.  But Fluff truly gave it a fresh and modern feel.

TV console before & after
TV console before & after

This vintage hexagon table was also painted with Fluff, and lightly distressed.  

hexagon table wide shot

Dixie Belle Drop Cloth

Drop Cloth is a little bit darker than Fluff, and adds even more warmth to a space.  It is Dixie Belle’s most popular color, so you really can’t go wrong with it. 

I never would have thought to do this combination of stain, paint and distressing on an MCM piece, but my client requested it and I love how it turned out!  This average to amazing makeover can be seen here.

MCM Dresser after

You have to see the little matching end tables as well!

MCM end tables

It looks great on cane-back chairs and a dining table base too.

gayle's dining set after

Here is how Drop Cloth looks with the crackle medium and a coat of Chocolate Brown underneath.  You can read about this technique here.

crackle dresser after

Apparently, I can keep going with Drop Cloth for days!  I loved this trestle desk so much I kept it for my office.  Sometimes I just can’t part with a piece.

trestle desk closeup

See what I mean?!  Still on Drop Cloth with this curvy coffee table.

bombe coffee table

Dixie Belle Buttercream

Buttercream is the warmest of the creams with a slight yellow undertone and is just a shade darker than Drop Cloth.  This little farmhouse end table was a true trash to treasure transformation you can read about here.

end table after

Another example of Buttercream is this amazing buffet.  The detailed carvings on this one had me at hello.  Get the lowdown on this transformation here.

painting a buffet creamy white

Dixie Belle Sawmill Gravy

Sawmill Gravy is another cream color, but it has a browner undertone with no yellow in it.  This one is a favorite of mine for the farmhouse look as well.  You can see the full sofa table makeover here.

sofa table right

Here’s an example of the Sawmill Gravy with a stained gray top on this cute little planked end table.  Just as beautiful as the dark stain combination!  

planked end table top

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Dixie Belle whites

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  1. I am researching before my first project! I am thinking drop cloth on a Thomasville armoire but I’m not sure what to do to give it depth. Maybe gold glaze on the edges! Not sure – do you have other pictures somewhere?

    • Hi Kris, I have tons of pictures under my “Blog” or “Portfolio” links. Good luck on the armoire – sounds like it will be beautiful! xo, Shannon

  2. Such lovely transformations. You have quite the talent. I am sure my readers will be impressed. Thanks for sharing at Love your Creativity. I am happy to feature your post today.

    • Thanks, Allyson! I always think I’ve honed in on a favorite and then I use a different one and that becomes my fave for a while.


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