Warm White Painted Rocking Chair

white rocking chair front2

Don’t rocking chairs make you nostalgic for a wrap-around porch and a cool summer evening?  Me too!

I previously painted this one in pretty shades of blue, but it never sold.  I’m hoping this warm white painted rocking chair appeals to a wider range of potential buyers.

rocking chair before

This project would take the average person a few hours over the course of a few days to complete.  So if you’re starting out this week with a dated wood rocker in your life, you could end it with a colorful or warm neutral rocker!

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Painting a Previously Painted Rocking Chair (or Any Piece!)

I had painted this rocking chair blue and sealed it with satin clear coat about a year ago, but for this makeover I didn’t prep any differently than I would with an unpainted piece.  I cleaned it with White Lightning, rinsed with water and let it dry.

rocking chair right side

How to Paint Spindles

Some painters would spray this piece, but I brush all of my pieces.  Brushing spindles just requires a little bit of patience and attention to detail.

I like to use Dixie Belle’s small round synthetic brush for skinny spindles like these.

white rocking chair top

Instead of brushing the long way along the spindle, brush the short way across it.  Use light quick strokes and minimal paint.  After getting the whole spindle covered, go back and inspect to ensure no drips.

That’s the name of the game with spindles.  Check, check, check your work for drips and puddles and brush them out.  It’s that easy!

This rocker has pretty pressed designs in the back.

white rocking chair detail

I went ahead and painted the cane seat as well.  It keeps the look uniform, and makes the cane prettier in my opinion.

white rocking chair seat

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  1. I like the color you chose.
    It’s a similar color to what I plan to use on my cabinets, but I’m thinking about using milk paint.

    Your rocker turned out very pretty!

    Ridge Haven Homestead


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