Vintage Vanity Makeover

floral vanity front

I’ve always wanted a makeup vanity!  But I don’t have a place for one, so I guess painting and selling them is the next best thing.

A friend sent me a picture of this brown painted vanity, and said either I could try to fix it up, or they were going to burn it.  I stopped by the next day and rescued it.  It was actually in really good vintage shape.  Lucky me!

It was previously painted brown, but the paint was well-adhered and not peeling so I gave it a light scuff sanding and cleaned it well with White Lightning and water.  There were a few areas I filled in with Dixie Mud – some dings on the top, the grooves on the drawers and the screw holes for the old pulls.

floral vanity before

Here are all the products I used.

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Pounced Paint Finish

This technique is great for hiding damage or texture. I used four paint colors (Burlap, Sand Bar, Drop Cloth and Fluff) and a small round synthetic brush. 

With all the colors open, I dipped lightly into one of them and pounced the paint in an area.  Then I dipped in the next color and pounced again, overlapping the previous area a bit.  I used the same brush for all the colors.  My goal was to blend it into a dreamy soft color variation without any harsh lines, but also to leave some texture. 

If you want to see a demonstration of this technique, you can check out my Facebook Live tutorial.  I did 2 coats with the pouncing technique.

floral vanity side angle

Painting & Staining the Top

Friends, I really had no idea what I was doing on the top.  I started by painting it Burlap.  Then I used some Voodoo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road applied heavier in some areas and lighter in others with the blue sponge applicator. 

I planned to top that with an even coat of No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso and be done.  I thought this would give a faux wood look, with some interesting variation.

I did those steps, but it still didn’t look quite right to me, so I tried pulling back some of the espresso stain with mineral spirits.  Nope.  Now the variation was really harsh, and with the soft look of the paint finish, I wanted a soft look for the top as well. 

I tried a wash of Fluff, but that brought out some gray tones that didn’t go well at all.  So I added a thin even coat of Tobacco Road, and that finally did the trick. 

floral vanity top

All the Pretty Things

The floral designs are the Redesign with Prima Rose & Rouge décor transfer.  They come on a plastic sheet, and you rub them with a little stick to transfer them onto the piece.  I cut it apart and pieced it back together to create a balanced design.

floral vanity side view

The coral knobs came from Hobby Lobby.  Those top two “drawers” aren’t actually drawers.  That’s why I left the original handles on there; they are stationary. 

I painted them in Moonshine Metallics Gold Digger.  Rather than brushing it on back and forth, I pounced the metallic and that kept it from being too sheer and showing brush strokes.

I neglected to take pictures of the insides of the drawers, but they were originally painted purple.  I painted them Pink Champagne, which blended nicely with the exterior colors. 

Lastly, I sealed the whole piece with Clear Coat Flat.

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