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vintage duck egg blue end table before & after

The project I’m sharing today almost didn’t happen.  I went to buy an end table off of Craigslist, and thought it was a matched set of 2 tables.  It turned out, there was the table I liked and then this non-matching hot mess of a table. 

vintage end table before

The picture doesn’t show the sides where all the damage was.  The price was so low, though, that I didn’t protest.  I could tell the sellers just wanted it off their hands, so I loaded it up and zipped my lips.  When my husband and I were unloading it at home, I asked him if we should just put it directly on the bonfire burn pile in our backyard.  He hesitated, and offered up that maybe he could try repairing it some time.

So it sat in our garage for a season, and I asked him again if it should go in the burn pile.  By then he had forgotten that he already glued the cracked sides back together.  It was fixed, and over to me for its makeover.  I had to fill all the hardware holes so I could switch from pulls to knobs.  For some reason there were handles on the sides as well as the doors.  The side ones being just for show, and not opening anything.

I chose this dusty blue color called Vintage Duck Egg.  I don’t often paint an entire piece inside and out in one color, but it seemed to need something to tie it all together.  It took 2 coats to cover well, and then I distressed a little around the edges.  Like the cute arched design on the doors, and the curvy legs. 

vintage duck egg blue collage

I found these white and gold knobs at Hobby Lobby, and thought they added that perfect feminine touch.

vintage duck egg blue table knobs

To stage this photo, I used this frame that is now in its 3rd incarnation.  It started out gold, went to cobalt blue and gold, and is now this copper patina.

patina frame after

I did this project using the Patina products from Dixie Belle.  I know it almost looks like I painted the frame with the Vintage Duck Egg color because it matches the table somewhat, but it’s actually the result of a chemical reaction.

patina frame collage

  1. 1 You paint one coat of the base color; I chose the Copper one. Bronze and Iron are also available.
  2. 2 After it dries completely, you paint another coat. While it is wet, you spray it with the Patina spray.  The paint has little tiny metal particles that react to create the patina.  The sprays come in blue or green; I used blue. 
  3. 3 Then you just sit back and wait for it to react and dry.
  4. 4 I love how this turned out so much! My wheels are turning….what other projects can I use this on?

Here are the products I used for these projects:

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