Introducing Artistic Terra Clay Paint!

terra clay table with decoupage

I picked up this larger side table from the curb for free to experiment with the NEW Terra Clay Paint from Dixie Belle. There’s nothing a free item does better than make me try new and outside-the-box painting techniques because the only investment is my time and creativity. These never fail to be my favorite pieces as well!

Here’s the list of Dixie Belle products I used on this side table.

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If you want tons of information on Dixie Belle paint and products, you can check out this Comprehensive Guide post, and you can download either guide free here by clicking the picture:

Dixie Belle’s New Terra Clay Paint Line

There are 17 earthy colors in this clay-based paint range. This paint is a whole other breed from the Chalk Mineral Paint and Silk All-in-One Paint lines. Here’s a quick run-down of how it works best:

  • Artisan paint that will help you create a layered or aged look and/or boho vibe; do not try to use this for a 1-color smooth finish!
  • To prep, just clean with Terra Clean and rinse
  • Holds texture and brush strokes; use a natural bristle brush for additional texture; NOT self-leveling
  • Build layers by letting each layer dry and then wet or dry distressing, or by blending as you go
  • Works well with the other lines – Chalk Mineral and Silk
  • It reactivates with water, so it wet distresses well with a damp cloth or baby wipe
  • Great for stenciling and raised stenciling
  • To seal, make sure it is completely dry and then use Terra Wax or Terra Seal clear coat for a durable hard finish

For some reason, I was drawn to Wisteria Mist for this piece, so I began by painting it with 2 coats all over.

Blending Decoupage Edges with Paint

Then I added the decoupage paper to the front and sides. The Gondola and Landscape designs are combined into one paper, so I added the Gondola portion to the drawer fronts and the Landscape portion to the sides. I use any of the clear coats to adhere and cover the paper and the Thing-a-ma-jig tool to smooth it out.

Once it was dry, I used a combination of Chalk Mineral Paint and Terra Clay Paint to create the landscape painting on the side. They come together easily, and can definitely be layered and blended.

Hopefully it isn’t quite clear to you where the decoupage paper is placed, and where I’ve painted and blended it in. The outlined area in the picture below is the paper. All the area around it is paint. Were you fooled?

The one thing the paper has is a little more texture from the rice fibers in it. The Best Dang brush definitely helped create that cloudy blend and bring the colors together. It’s also important to paint right over the edges of the paper and onto the paper to make it seamless.

Sealing and Gilding

To accent the details around the drawers and along the sides of the front, I used my finger to apply gold gilding wax. I also added it to the existing hardware, letting the original brass color show through for some depth and dimension.

Unfortunately, the Terra Wax and Sealer are not in my hands yet, so I haven’t sealed this piece. I can’t use Best Dang Wax either because it would reactivate the paint. So I will wait not-so-patiently for the wax and sealer!

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