Using Clay Based Paint Like an Artist

half table clay based paint

Since using Dixie Belle’s new clay based paint (Terra) for the first time last week, I decided to try some more colors and techniques this week. The antique table below was already cut in half to put up against a wall when I purchased it. It also had quite a bit of damage to the wood, so it really needed to be painted to keep it out of the landfill.

half antique table before

Here’s the list of Dixie Belle products I used on this clay based paint project.

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Clay Based Paint – Daffodil

We had a family vacation up north in Wisconsin during August. I didn’t want to fall behind on my painting projects, so I took this table with me. With only 1 small round brush and 1 color of clay based paint called Daffodil, I painted all those details with 3 coats.

Yellow can be a hard color to get full coverage on, and I struggled with this one. I also wasn’t happy with the simple look, so when I got home, I started trying more techniques to do the piece justice. First, I brushed on No Pain Gel Stain Golden Ash, and then wiped it back right away.

The wiping also wet distressed, taking some areas back to the wood. This process gave me a grungy aged look. I liked it but I also thought it was a little too much.

terra clay half table in process

Pulling it All Together with Colorful Tiles

Something was still missing, so I went through all my Belles and Whistles products – stencils, decoupage papers, and transfers. When I held up the Colorful Tiles decoupage paper, it was the clear winner. It broke up the grunge with color and pattern.

The flat part of the apron was the perfect spot to add this little accent. Using flat Clear Coat as the glue, I adhered the paper on the apron. I also sealed over the top of the paper with the same thing. Lastly, I dabbed on little areas of Cobalt Blue on the base. Not too much, just enough to move the eye around.

clay based paint table front

Paint & Gel Stain Wood Finish Top

For the top, I tried a variation of my favorite faux wood treatment. The base is a coat of Pine Cone that I let dry thoroughly. Using an applicator pad, I swiped on No Pain Get Stain in American Honey. While wet, I took a 4″ wide deck brush (meant for staining your outdoor deck) and pulled it lightly across the stain. Then I did the same thing again with a whisk broom. This left all that great variation that mimics wood.

To darken the top just a little more, I mixed a plastic spoonful of Coffee Bean into the final clear coat.

To protect the piece, I sealed it all with flat Clear Coat. I know this piece isn’t for everyone, but I was pleasantly surprised how much love it has gotten on social media. And I didn’t plan it out one little bit!

If you enjoy this piece, please remember to Pin this project for inspiration!

clay based paint half table pin

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  1. The bold colors are perfect for the style of the table! I love how you worked on the piece as it came to you – such artistry! I’m excited to tell you this post will be featured on Tuesday Turn About Link Party this week! Thanks for linking up, Shannon, and I hope to see you at the party this week!


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