Triple Dixie Dresser Shading Technique

Dixie Blue dresser shading technique

Let me preface this painted furniture project by saying, this is my favorite piece ever!  You GUYS!  Don’t you love it? 

I did not know when I picked up this triple dresser manufactured by Dixie at a local Goodwill store for $20 what it would become. I didn’t have the vision.  But man am I glad I took a chance!

Dixie dresser before

Prepping for Paint

The construction on it was top-notch, and the fluting and raised panels made it perfect for adding the shading technique I’ll share later.  Also, that hardware!  It was not only beautiful, but it was all there which is rare.  The dresser appeared to be in great condition, with functioning drawers, but it had some strange gravelly substance stuck to the top.

damage on piece

We use an orange-scented soap to get grease and sap off our hands, so I guess because I knew it removes super sticky stuff, I decided to pump some of that on it and let it sit.  I came back about 10 minutes later and scraped it with a paint scraper.  It came right off!  It also took some of the finish, which was fine since I was going to paint it, but not recommended if you want your finish intact.  For the few scratches and gouges, I filled them with Bondo, and sanded them smooth.

Paint Color Choice

color chart

I thought it would be fun to let someone else choose the color, so I posted the dresser to my Facebook page, and asked people to vote based on the Dixie Belle color chart.  The votes were all over the map, so I put them in a basket, and drew one out.

color choice

Dixie Belle Blue!  Now I had a Dixie manufactured dresser being painted in Dixie Belle brand paint, in a color called Dixie Blue. All the Dixies!

Dixie Belle Blue Dresser

Painted Furniture How To

First, I painted everything in one coat of paint, including the interior drawers.  Then I wanted to create a more artistic finish, something you can’t find in a furniture store.  Because, after all, that is the value of a hand painted piece.  Using brown wax, I filled in the recessed areas to create more depth.  You can see those shadowed areas around each drawer, in the door panels, and inside the fluting. 

Dixie Belle Blue Dresser detail

I used a small artist’s brush to get into those areas, and then rubbed it off and blurred it out with a microfiber cloth.  To highlight the raised areas, I used Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax! in white.  I used a microfiber cloth to both apply it and rub it off.

Dixie Belle Blue dresser doors open

It was not a very nice weather day when my husband and I hefted this piece out to our driveway to stage and photograph it, but we managed to find enough daylight to show off the brilliant blue color.

Dixie Belle Blue Dresser

Before & After Dresser

Here’s another look at this transformation.  This piece could be used as a buffet, a changing table, an entry table or a dresser.  I wish I had a place for it myself!  But since I didn’t, I sold it to a wonderful lady who has become a favorite repeat client.

Dixie Blue Dresser before and after

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Dixie blue dresser

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