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Mustard Accent Table Makeover

mustard cabinet front

For my color-loving sunshine worshiping peeps out there, I hope this little cabinet makes you smile!  After painting black for 2 weeks on the dining set I posted last week, it was so refreshing to work with such a bright color palette.  Here’s the little cabinet my client brought me. Laurie has shades of blue, … Read more

Accent Table Makeover in Yellow

yellow accent table front view

Today I’ve got a yellow table makeover from my own home to share with you.  I’ve started a series on Facebook called #merrymakeovers, and it’s all about getting our homes holiday-ready before Christmas.  I have at least 6 projects I’m planning to make over on Facebook Lives.  So join me over there, and get inspired … Read more

Fun Sewing Chair Makeover

sewing chair side view

I’m calling this a sewing chair because the seat lifts up and has a little shallow storage area.  It may be for sewing supplies, or perhaps it is a piano chair.  A friend gave it to me, and I thought the MCM style would be fun in a bright color. 

sewing chair before

I chose Dixie Belle Colonel Mustard, but I was a little stumped on a fabric choice.  What goes with mustard???  So I posted some options on Facebook, and the resounding choice was navy blue.  Then I was off to WalMart where I found this navy and white fabric.  I love this combination!  I think gray would have been adorable too. 

footstool fabric choice

For some reason, this color needed 3 coats.  Usually their dark or bright colors only need 2 coats, and white or light colors require 3 coats.  For that finishing touch I love, I distressed a bit around the edges.  I removed the existing fabric.  You wouldn’t have to remove it, but it helps so you aren’t trying to staple on top of other staples and it also gives you a pattern to cut out the new fabric.  Then I laid the fabric face down, stretched it over the top edge and stapled.  It helps to go back and forth on opposite sides, so you don’t fasten the fabric unevenly and get your pattern off-kilter.  I fold the corners like I’m wrapping a present.

sewing chair side view

A simple pot of flowers, and this little chair really shines.  You could use it at a sewing or craft table, at a piano or in a corner as a little spot of sunshine.  What a great little pop of personality!

sewing chair after

Here’s another look at this makeover, from dark and dated to fun and fresh.  If you haven’t noticed, that’s my favorite part of every project – making a piece new and useful again!

sewing chair before and after