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Mid-Century Modern China Cabinet Rescue

MCM china cabinet after

I am not a huge fan of mid-century modern furniture, but I know a lot of people are.  But I will say, it has grown on me a bit more over time.  I picked up this china cabinet from a gal who sold me a dresser that I transformed a while back.  You can check that project out here.  She reached out and said her mom had this china cabinet for sale for $10.  At that price, I couldn’t say no.  Initially, I thought I wanted to use a bright  color.  Perhaps lime green? 

MCM china cabinet before

But I wanted it to be more livable too, so I came up with this plan to use Farmhouse Green (a little more muted than lime green), espresso stain and copper hardware and details.  This combination is a little more sophisticated, and still unique and fun. I thought about doing a dark purple on the inside back, but then thought better of it.

MCM china cabinet plan

The piece smelled of smoke through and through, so I used a Dixie Belle product called BOSS to seal off smells.  As a bonus, it also provides a tacky surface for paint to stick to.  There was also some damage around the corners of the top piece.  To fix that, I used Swamp Mud (otherwise known as wood filler) which I spackled on, allowed to dry, and sanded smooth.  The consistency of the Swamp Mud is slightly more liquid than most wood fillers, which makes it easier to use in my experience.  And it sands down really smooth without sanding away to nothing.

After alllllll the prep, I painted the top and bottom frames with 2 coats of Farmhouse Green.  The drawer fronts, sliding cabinet doors and legs got a couple coats of Espresso Gel Stain which I sealed with Gator Hide.  The knobs and those cool wavy pulls came from D Lawless Hardware.  I’m excited they recently teamed up with WalMart, so now their super budget-friendly hardware will be more accessible to everyone.  Lastly, to finish off the copper highlights, I used Prima Marketing Metallique Wax in Copper on the legs and cabinet drawer pulls.  To get into the finger pulls, I dipped a Q-tip in the wax and swirled it around.  For the feet, I just rubbed the wax on with my finger.

I couldn’t resist staging this piece with a little Christmas décor.  There are sliding glass doors for the top, but those are difficult to photograph without getting reflections, so I left them off most of the pictures. 

MCM China Cabinet Collage

Here are the products I used for this project and staging:

If you’d like to see a farmhouse style china cabinet makeover, check out this one.  This MCM piece is currently for sale in southeast Wisconsin.  Without a makeover, it was headed for the trash heap, but now it is a great solid and stylish piece for an MCM lover.  If you are one of those, I’d love it if you could share this project with your friends, and then come follow me over on Facebook for daily projects and inspiration.

MCM china cabinet before and after
china cabinet farmhouse green

Pink Watercolor MCM Chest of Drawers

MCM dresser before & after

My family took our usual summer vacation at the end of July to a cottage in the Minoqua area in Northern Wisconsin.  But we added a little vacation within a vacation to the Porcupine Mountains in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  I always love to explore new places, especially when there is tons of natural beauty to see, hiking around and taking tons of photos.  So before I get into today’s project, here is just one photo of the fam enjoying some outdoor relaxation time.

Family Pic in the UP

My uncle had a little farm when I was growing up. There were chickens, geese, goats, a couple horses and a pony named Cupcake.  Eventually, the barn had fewer and fewer animals and became a place to store stuff they weren’t using.  They had their 50th wedding anniversary recently, and wanted the barn cleaned out for the party.  They called me over to take any of the furniture I wanted, and there were a few great pieces.  This MCM chest of drawers was one of them.

MCM dresser before

It was in pretty great condition.  The drawers were clean inside and slid well.  The exterior was dirty, and had a burn mark on the top, but I knew Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint would cover that.  Originally, I had a navy blue and sand color palette in mind.  But when I found myself dragging my feet to get this project started, I realized I wasn’t too excited about that choice.  So I did a 180, and decided on pink ombre.  I also wanted to just be creative with blending, and let the final look land where it may.  After a quick sanding and cleaning, I mixed my various shades of pink using Barn Red and Cotton White.  To apply and blend, I used a spray bottle of water, and just went behind with my brush and blended the transition between shades.  Again, I wasn’t going for anything specific, just a pretty watercolor girly look.

MCM dresser side view

To stage this photo, I added a few nursery-themed items.  I think this piece could totally go in an adult room as well, and be very sophisticated with different accessories.  Here is another look at how this MCM chest of drawers went from drab to girly with a little pink paint and blending.  It is pretty much one of a kind now!

MCM dresser before & after

Average End Tables Get a Stylish MCM Makeover

MCM end tables
MCM end tables

I think my client, Theresa, will forgive me for saying this, but these two little end tables just scream big box store to me.  She thought the same thing, but she had the vision to request this transformation.  The tables belonged to her father, so since they had sentimental value, she wanted to make them better reflect her style and work with her home decor. 

MCM end tables before

Prepping for Refinishing

These belong to the same client who had me refinish her MCM dresser in my last post, and she wanted these finished the same way.  I used the same products and process of stripping, staining, sealing, painting and distressing I describe in that post.  

The only difference is that I added new pulls in place of the existing knobs.  I filled the old holes with Dixie Belle Mud in Brown, using their mud spatula, and let it dry completely.  Then I sanded it smooth, and had my husband drill new holes.  I know I should learn how to do that myself one of these days, but for now it’s his contribution to the business.  And I have to let him feel useful, don’t I? 😉  Here they are with their tops stripped and ready for stain.

I purchased the vintage MCM pulls off of Etsy.  They really add the finishing touch that takes these tables from ordinary to special.  They weren’t MCM to begin with, but they have the straight lines needed and the hardware pushes them fully into that style.

MCM end tables

Resource List

Do you have any super utilitarian furniture around your house that needs a makeover?  It doesn’t have to be merely functional, it can be beautiful too!  If these tables can be made stylish, anything can.  There is a world of possibilities!