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French Linen Entry Table

french linen entry table

Today I am taking it back to my farmhouse roots.  Whoop whoop!  If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been experimenting a lot with different products, techniques, colors and finishes.  While that has been a blast, I wanted to do a simple beautiful piece in a one-color finish with distressing to accent the … Read more

Farmhouse Bookshelf

farmhouse bookshelf featured

If you liked the white floral dresser from last week, hopefully you’ll like the farmhouse bookshelf project I’m sharing today.  They are going to be next to each other in the same room, so they are designed to coordinate without being too matchy-matchy.     We got this bookshelf off Facebook Marketplace; a nice lady was … Read more

Elegant Gray Buffet

gray buffet after

Merry Christmas Friends!  I am writing and posting this on Christmas Eve eve, as my kids call it.  After so many preparations this season, it seems like the actual day has snuck up on me.  I haven’t been buying much furniture lately because I’ve had custom work or been working through my stash, but I … Read more

Turning a Free Hutch into a Rolling Coffee Station

coffee station after

Being a furniture re-doer, lots of people give me their cast-offs.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  Some pieces have great bones, and really just need a cosmetic overhaul.  Those are the ones I love to get!  Other pieces are made of questionable materials, or have so much damage or such a bad … Read more

You Won’t Recognize these Dining Chairs!

dining chairs after

You may have been wondering with my last dining table post, hey, where are the chairs to that set?  Well, today I’m going to share them with you.  These six chairs are super well-made and sturdy; they just needed a little update.  My client (Allison) wasn’t very fond of the wood color, and she was ready to ditch the style-less black vinyl seat fabric. 

dining chairs before

These chairs had me at hello with their curvy legs and detailed backs.  They didn’t need a single repair.  There is not so much as a little creak when you sit on them.  So I went straight into a light sanding, and painting with Dixie Belle Gravel Road.  This is the same color Allison chose for her dining table.  I sanded lightly between 2 coats, and when they were dry I did a medium distress around all those details.  Covering the orange wood tone and knots really let the chairs shine.

dining chairs after

Allison chose her fabric online on the fabric.com website.  This is a great place for sourcing fabric.  You can narrow your search by color or pattern, and there are tons of options and reasonable prices.  She sent me several pictures before she settled on this muted pattern with reds and creams.  I think it is beautiful, and lends an old-world look to the chairs, which matches up perfectly with the table.

dining chair collage

The upholstery was pretty simple.  I removed the seats, and left the old fabric intact.  It wasn’t soiled or loose, so I decided to go right over it to save time and extra labor.  I cut the new fabric to size, leaving a couple extra inches all around to fold around the bottom and staple.  I ironed it to make sure there weren’t any funky creases or wrinkles in the finished product.  I thought about centering the fabric design on each seat, but decided a random arrangement looked better.  Then it was just a matter of pulling the fabric taut and stapling it into place.  I used an electric staple gun, and ¼” staples.  Lastly, I trimmed off any excess fabric with scissors, and screwed the seats back on.

dining chairs before & after

Here’s a reminder of the matching table.  Allison picked it up before the chairs were done, so I didn’t get a picture of the whole set together.

old world dining table

When I shared the chairs on Facebook, Allison sent me a message saying “Hey, those are my chairs!  I hardly recognized them!”  What do you think?  Are they recognizable?  Either way, they are ready to serve their purpose with a fresh new look for the next 10 years.

2 chairs after

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