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Painted Oak Dining Table and Chairs

painted oak dining set

This dining table and chairs were given to me by a lovely senior couple who are friends of my mother.  The solid wood set had gotten too heavy for them to manage, so they asked me to haul it away and give it new life with paint.   Dining sets take forever for me to re-do.  … Read more

White & Cream Painted Furniture with Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle whites

Today I’m sharing a collection of white painted furniture using Dixie Belle paint.  They have quite a selection of whites, and it can be hard to choose just the right look for your project.  To make things easier, today I’m giving you examples of how they each look on furniture. If you’re going over a … Read more

Farmhouse Bookshelf

farmhouse bookshelf featured

If you liked the white floral dresser from last week, hopefully you’ll like the farmhouse bookshelf project I’m sharing today.  They are going to be next to each other in the same room, so they are designed to coordinate without being too matchy-matchy.     We got this bookshelf off Facebook Marketplace; a nice lady was … Read more

Refurbished Trestle Desk

trestle desk closeup

This desk has a special place in my heart because I originally pulled it out of my uncle’s barn. He had a bunch of furniture stored in there, and told me to come take what I wanted.  I chose this trestle desk, with the intention to give it a makeover and sell it, like I … Read more

Chippy White Dresser Using Crackle Medium

crackle dresser

Once that coat dried overnight, I painted one coat of a warm white called Drop Cloth. The Crackle reacts as it dries, so you won’t really know what you’ve got until it’s all dry.

Curvy Coffee Table

bombe coffee table

Bombe is the French word for curvy, so I guess you could say this coffee table is bombe.  I was careful not to write “da bomb” because that was popular when I was a teen, and it’s so NOT popular now.  Now, all the cool teenagers simply say something is “bomb”.  Having proven how uncool … Read more