Stunning Coral Chalk Paint Dresser

coral chalk paint dresser angle

This 9-drawer dresser is super long and curvy, and I wanted to enhance her femininity with these blended coral colors.  

This week I wanted to take a moment to discuss why chalk paint is better for furniture than latex paint.  Latex paint is for walls.  It has resins in it that make it sit on top of the surface. 

Chalk paint is porous and doesn’t have those resins, so it can absorb into the wood rather than sit on top of it.

You may think chalk paint has a rough feel and flat sheen.  But with a light scuff sand, it is smooth as butter.

And with a liquid top coat, it can have any sheen you prefer.  Not to mention, it just has that authentic look like the paint has always been there.

Here is the before shot of this beautiful vintage piece:

coral dresser before

Here are the products I used to achieve this look.

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Coral Chalk Paint Ombre

First, for a clean slate, I primed with white BOSS.

I originally thought I’d paint Fluff in the middle of the ombre, the Flamingo on the bottom and the Apricot at the top.  But once I saw it blended that way on my first coat, I didn’t love it.  

You can see the first coat of paint going on here.

long dresser progress

The Fluff had a gray undertone that seemed to fight with the coral and pink undertones in the other two colors.  So I replaced Fluff with a blend of Apricot and Flamingo which created that beautiful pink in the middle.

I blended the colors right on the piece to get a lot of variation.  You can see each layer has touches of the other colors intermixed.  These colors played really well together.  I’m so glad I changed it up!

coral dresser front

Silkscreen Stencils

I am digging a very subtle stencil lately, so I used a few silkscreen stencils placed randomly on the front.  They give it a little interest without detracting from the blend.

Using a small flat brush, I spread on some Amber Gemstone Mousse as well as a little bit of the underlying color so it would look kind of broken and aged.  With the silkscreen stencil, you have to give your brush a little pressure to really push the paint through the screens.

coral dresser closeup

Gray Driftwood Top

Next, I moved on to the top and this driftwood finish I’ve done on several previous pieces.  It’s so easy to do and pairs well with everything.

With these French Provincial pieces, I like to use Slick Stick on the top first to ensure good adhesion.  Two coats are recommended, but I’ll be honest and tell you I only did one. 

I brushed on a light coat of Voodoo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road with a chip brush.  All the strokes should be side-to-side, not-front to-back.  Once that was dry, I added more Voodoo Gel Stains – Up in Smoke and White Magic brushing and blending them together on the top.

coral dresser top

For the hardware, I mixed my favorite Amber mousse with Fluff chalk paint to get the base color you see. Then I added some straight Amber with my finger as a highlight.

coral chalk paint dresser hardware

Lastly, I sealed everything (the top, bottom and hardware) with two coats of clear Satin.  I absolutely love the glow the clear coat adds.  It brings the piece together and makes it smooth and durable.

The drawer runners needed a little love, so I applied Big Mama’s Butta in the Orange Grove scent to them.  Now they slide smoothly, and smell great!

I hope you love this coral chalk paint dresser as much as I do!

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  1. Shannon, these colors are my favorites to wear, and this ombre dresser literally makes me smile. I love it! I’ve seen it featured on two different blog parties this week already (Vintage Charm and Friday with Friends), and suspect it will be featured on more. Kudos! (pinned)

    • Thanks, Rita, for your sweet encouragement! I’m glad the coral dresser makes you smile; I love how it turned out too. xo, Shannon

  2. I do love it!!! Now I want to find an old dresser and paint it with this technique. Your dresser would take center stage in any room:)
    Thanks for sharing it at the Friday with Friends Link Party.


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