Sophisticated Soft Pink Vintage Desk

soft pink desk front

I found this vintage desk at a local thrift store that I recently stumbled on, and their prices were great too.  If you want to see me starting this desk makeover, or how I did the “broken” stencil technique, check out these videos.  

pink desk before

Here are the products I used on this desk makeover achieve this look.

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Soft Pink – Silk Conch

I wanted to use Silk All-in-One Mineral paint for this project because I just love how smooth it is.  I considered some blues and a light yellow, but in my heart I was just feeling pink.  So I chose Conch.

I filled the hardware holes and there were quite a few small repairs; I used plastic wood.  Lately I’m finding it is the easiest and most durable product to use.

After sanding and cleaning, I painted two coats of Conch which offered perfect coverage.  Since this piece had so many details, I turned it upside down to ensure I got all the nooks and crannies.  

This type of paint dries in about an hour and can be re-coated in two hours.

soft pink desk makeover

If you want tons of information on Dixie Belle paint and products, you can check out these Comprehensive Guides and download them free by clicking the picture:

“Broken” Stencil Technique

Using the Royal Damask stencil and the La Petite brush, I stenciled on three colors around the sides and back of the desk.  The colors were the base color Conch, Salt Water and a metallic called Rozay.

By the way, the Royal Damask stencil is a great investment.  It’s my favorite, and I use it all the time.

Using one brush, I dip randomly into the colors (poured out onto a paper plate), and pounce onto the surface.  Using three colors gives the stencil a faded, textured color variation that I just love.  A perfectly filled in stencil with perfect lines just doesn’t give the same aged character.

I especially love including a metallic too because of the way it catches the light.  The Gemstone mousses are great for this as well.

soft pink desk side and back

soft pink desk back

Blended Stained Top

I started out painting the top in Mud Puddle, thinking I was going to whitewash over it.  That didn’t really work out the way I pictured it.  So I turned to my gel stains.

With a blob each of Picklin’ White and Walnut on a paper plate, I dipped an applicator pad into both and wiped it across the top.  I kept all my strokes in one direction, and the colors blended and streaked together on the top creating this effect.

soft pink desk top

Desk Makeover Finishing Details

I think these simple white porcelain knobs I found at Hobby Lobby are the perfect accent to the pink color.

But the front needed a little more interest, so I added a WoodUBend applique to the top drawer front.  This was one piece that I cut into two to place on either side of the knob. 

To adhere these appliques, you use wood glue and a hair dryer.  Stick it on and set it with the hair dryer.  I also highighted it with a little of the Rozay I incorporated with the stencil.

soft pink desk detail

I have to give a shout out to my father-in-law for making me that wood slice you see in the photos from a tree up north.  He made me a bunch, actually, including some birch ones.  They will be great for staging my furniture!

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