Simplistic Sunrise Pastel Furniture

latin flair table side

It’s not that often I paint strictly pastel furniture, but there was a reason. This project is a result of the Dixie Belle Paint mystery box challenge. They sent me a box full of surprise goodies, some of which I used on this piece. There were so many products in there, I didn’t get to use them all!

Here is the side table I bought for this project.

mystery box table before

And here are the goodies Dixie Belle included in the mystery box. The theme of the box was “Latin Flair”. I’ll warn you right now, I don’t think the end product has a super Latin feel, but I hope it’s still pretty ;).

latin flair mystery box

Here’s the list of products I used from those pictured above.

Resource List:

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Pastel Furniture (Not so Latin Flair)

As always, we start with a good cleaning with White Lightning TSP cleaner. I filled a small knot in the top drawer with Dixie Mud, then removed the hardware on the drawers.

For a Latin look, I would have chosen brighter colors like those on the tablecloth and maracas in the picture. But the colors provided in my mystery box were these pastels. So those are the ones I used!

I began with bright yellow Daisy at the bottom, and blended up into Rebel Yellow, then Tea Rose and finally Apricot. Then I went back with Apricot in between each color, and blended it out. When blending, a natural organic color placement (not straight lines or exact shapes) gives the most artistic look in my opinion.

There are many techniques for blending, and I use different ones for different looks. The one I used here included using the same brush for the Tea Rose and Apricot, and the same brush for the Daisy and Rebel Yellow. Since both colors are on the brush, it makes it easier to blend the in-between areas. I also mist regularly with water.

pastel furniture front

After 2 coats of paint, I lightly sanded all over with a high grit sanding pad to give it a buttery smooth finish. I had both the Latin Floral and the Buds & Branches transfers in my mystery box. But I really didn’t think the Latin Floral colors went with my base colors, so I added some sections of the Buds & Branches transfer to the sides.

Then I sealed it with 2 coats of satin clear coat. The transfer colors go really well with the Tea Rose especially!

latin flair table side

Embellishing the Drawer Sides

If you have the time and inclination, doing something special to the drawer sides is always fun! Here I painted them with Silk Whitecap.

Using the butterfly silkscreen stencil and Hi Ho Silver glaze, I stenciled on some subtle butterflies. I love how this looks almost like a shadow. Some time, I’d like to try placing the same design over it slightly offset and paint a darker color so it looks like a drop shadow.

The Buds & Branches transfer includes some bugs and butterflies, so I added a few of those for depth as well.

pastel table drawer sides

Reimagining the Hardware

For the handles, I painted them with a coat of Amber Gemstone Mousse. After it dried, I used the Voodoo Gel Stain in Au Naturel as a wash to tone it down somewhat.

This pastel furniture project really stretched my creativity, combining colors and transfers I normally wouldn’t. What do you think of it? You can be honest! If you liked it, please remember to Pin this project for inspiration!

pastel furniture pin

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