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As a professional furniture painter for the last 5 years (and an amateur before that!),  I’ve tried A LOT of products and brands. I’m often asked what I use, so I’ve compiled a list here for you.

These are my go-to products,and I wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t the BEST of the best! 

These are affiliate links for which I receive a small commission when you purchase. This doesn’t change or increase the price of the item for you.  I am also a Content Creator for Dixie Belle Paint Company. Thank you for your support!

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Prep Products


Bondo is fast-drying and super durable, so I use it to fill in big gaps and deep scratches.  You can even use it to mold a whole missing section of moulding or a buffet leg!

Shop Towels

Stronger than regular paper towels, these are great for cleaning pieces, wiping back stain, and cleaning up messes.  Then you just toss them for easy clean-up.

White Lightning

You mix this granulated cleaner with warm water, and spray or wipe it onto your piece to wash it.  Use gloves, and rinse with clean water.  This is the most important step in your makeover!

Sanding Sponges

I love these ones with a padded back because they are easier on your hands, and they mould to the surface you are sanding.

Dixie Belle Mud

This wood filler is the easiest by far I’ve ever used.  It stays pliable in the jar, and sands beautifully once dry.  Plus, it comes in black, brown or white.


This priming product blocks odors, stains and stops bleed-through.  It does as well as shellac, without the major fumes.

Dixie Belle Mud Spatula

This is the perfect little tool for spreading Dixie Belle “mud” wood filler where you need it.  It’s plastic,so it won’t damage wood.  And it washes off easily.

Slick Stick

Another primer, but this one is best for ensuring paint sticks to a slippery smooth or shiny surface.  I’ve used it over laminate with great results.

Paint Products

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Available in over 60 colors, this paint glides on easily, has great coverage, and sands butter smooth.  You will need 1 coat for dark colors, and 2 coats for light colors.  A little paint goes a long way!

Synthetic Brushes

These brushes give a smooth finish with no brush marks, and they wash out easily.  Of all the sizes and shapes, my favorites are the large round and the mini.

Stains & Glazes

No Pain Gel Stain

Gel stain is the easiest way to get a stained top on your farmhouse pieces.  You can also use it to create layered old world finishes.  It is oil-based, though, so use an old chip brush or sock to apply it so you can toss it after.


Glazes can be what adds that uniquely artistic hand-finished touch to your piece, and separate it from factory-finished furniture.

Voodoo Gel Stain

I love this stain for raw wood, especially to create a barnwood look  using Tobacco Road and Up in Smoke.  This one is water-based, so easy soap and water clean up.

Patina Collection

It’s so fun to experiment with these products to get rusty metallic finishes in all different colors.  Hardware, decor, picture frames, or even furniture!

Top Coats

Blue Sponge

This tool is deceptively simple.  It’s a handle and an applicator all in one.  Just dampen it, and apply your top coat in smooth even strokes.

Clear Coat

This clear coat comes in Flat, Satin and Gloss.  I have used all of them, depending on the finish I’m going for.  

Easy Peasy Spray Wax

I don’t usually top coat my pieces with wax, since the paint is self-sealing.  But if I want a little more shine, I’ll use this super easy spray wax.