Romantic Blended Dresser

french provincial dresser 2 front

This painted French Provincial dresser with a romantic blended finish may look familiar, but it’s not the same one I did back in June.  I’ve now done this finish 3 more times, and it was originally discovered by chance.

When I was doing a Facebook Live on Dixie Belle’s Paint page, I challenged myself to paint with 3 colors I pulled out of a hat.  This is the finish that resulted, and as I mentioned it has been pretty popular for me!

Check out this dirty, dilapidated and sad dresser.

french provincial dresser 2

Here are the supplies I used.

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My client requested this finish on a lingerie chest and this dresser.  I didn’t get a blog post out on the lingerie chest, but here is how it looked.

This one is primarily blue, with a lot less white than the painted French Provincial dresser.

french provincial lingerie chest

Blending Cobalt Blue, Peacock, Haint Blue and Kudzu

I did 3 videos on this technique; you can find the playlist here if you prefer to watch how the technique is done.  I apply the colors randomly in the section I’m working on, then I go back with water and a clean dry blending brush to blend them together.  

In addition to the 3 colors I originally used for this technique (Peacock, Haint Blue & Kudzu), I included a little bit of cobalt blue on this dresser.

I did the same blend on both coats to see what the balance looked like and adjust where the colors landed on my second coat.

painted french provincial dresser

Color Wash in Drop Cloth

To pull the look together and soften the colors to more pastel, I did a color wash over it with Drop Cloth.  I didn’t use Stormy Seas on this one as I had the earlier ones.

For a color wash, I apply a very small amount of paint and then mist a bunch of water until it is running down.  Then I follow behind with a large round brush and spread the paint, removing any drip marks.

On the sides, I made an oval shape that is lighter in the middle.

french provincial dresser 2 side

Gray Grain Top

Since the tops of these French Provincial pieces are very shiny laminate, I paint first with Slick Stick to give it some grip.

After Slick Stick, the first coat is Voodoo Gel Stain in both Tobacco Road and Up in Smoke.  I blend them and pull through in one direction with an applicator pad. The second coat is Up in Smoke and White Magic.

The final coat is Black Glaze.  Then, the top is sealed with 2 coats of Clear Coat Satin.

french provincial dresser 2 top

Finishing Touches on a Painted French Provincial Dresser

I gave the paint a gentle sanding with very fine sand paper for a buttery smooth touch.  Then, I sealed it all with 2 coats of Satin.

For that beautiful vintage hardware, I painted it first with Slick Stick.  Then a coat of Moonshine Metallics Silver Bullet.  And lastly a little rub with antique silver gilding wax.

french provincial dresser 2 applique

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