Restoration Hardware Finish with Dixie Belle Paint

trunk end tables

Hi Friends!  I posted these trunk end tables on my Facebook page and they were super popular, so I’m excited to share the entire Restoration Hardware Look Alike process with you today.  All you need is a cheap brush and 3 colors of paint.  It’s great for beginners, but sophisticated enough to be a professional finish as well.

I picked up these trunk-style end tables locally on Facebook Marketplace.  The hardware was cool and unique to me, and I thought they’d be great painted white in a farmhouse style.  BUT, as you will see, I didn’t stick with the original vision.

trunk end table before

Because I had recently done a set of white farmhouse style end tables, I decided to change up my plans for these.  This finish I had previously done on a desk popped into my head.

elegant desk after

This finish can be done and switched up with any 3 colors.  So instead of using Mason Dixon Gray, Sawmill Gravy and French Linen like I used on the desk, I used these colors instead:

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Medium Tone – Manatee Gray

I start this technique with the medium tone of the 3 colors I’ve chosen.  Your brush should be pretty dry for the application, so dip into the paint and then brush off the excess on a paper towel. 

Apply the paint in a cross-hatch motion about 6” wide and 6” tall.  Then move on to another area and do the same.  You won’t get full coverage and you’ll create some texture. Here is what 1 coat looks like.

trunk end table 1 color

Dark Tone – Mud Puddle

Then using the darkest tone of the 3 colors chosen, repeat the process.  Overlap the areas you already painted, but again, don’t go for full coverage.  Try to keep your crosshatch motions as vertical and horizontal as possible.

trunk end table detail

Light Tone – Sawmill Gravy

Lastly, repeat the process with the lightest paint color.  Once this coat is dry, stand back and decide if you’re done or if you want to keep adding layers.  You can start back with your first color, and do it all again.  In my opinion, this adds more depth and texture and really completes the finish.  Then, give it a very light sanding with a 220-grit sanding pad just to ensure a smooth surface.

trunk end tables angle

Finishing Touches

For this look, I thought it was best to incorporate the hardware into the finish.  But I allowed some of the black to show through for contrast.  The backs are also finished, so they can be used in the middle of a room, or used together as a cool coffee table.

trunk end tables front and back

The tops just lift up, and can be propped open with the latch.  These would be perfect for blankets or toy storage.

trunk end table open

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