Refurbished Trestle Desk

trestle desk closeup

This desk has a special place in my heart because I originally pulled it out of my uncle’s barn.

He had a bunch of furniture stored in there, and told me to come take what I wanted.  I chose this trestle desk, with the intention to give it a makeover and sell it, like I do with most pieces.

The funny thing is, I went ahead and put it up for sale.  The gal who wanted it mentioned she needed something big enough for double monitors.  I had just switched day jobs and was about to start working full-time from home.  Now that she mentioned it, I needed a place for double monitors!  She decided the size wasn’t quite right for her needs.  So, I set it up for myself, and it has been working perfectly for me ever since.

Stripping & Prep

Here is what it looked like after I stripped the top using Citristrip.  Apply a thick coat with a chip brush, cover with plastic wrap and wait a couple hours or overnight.  Then use a plastic putty knife to scrape off the old stain.

trestle desk before

Then I stained it with a couple coats of dark espresso gel stain.  I put an old sock over my hand, and apply the stain with it.  I like how it lets me control the thickness and blending.

I sealed the top with two coats of Gator Hide for durability.  First, I poured some sealer all over the top, and then I spread it using a damp blue sponge in long even strokes.

gator hide trestle desk

I don’t do much prep before painting.  A light sanding and a good wipe down with a damp towel, and it’s ready to go.  The base is painted in a couple coats of Drop Cloth, a creamy white.

Lastly, I added these cute D. Lawless brand verdigris knobs to the 3 drawers on the front.  isn’t it charming now?  I love it!

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