Fiery Sky – Red Painted Table

red painted table main

This red painted table is the perfect pop of color in a room!  Since it’s a small side table, it’s not overwhelming, but a bold little accent.

I’m not gonna lie.  This table has been in my basement for years.  Sometimes I get the bug to clean things up and move them out, and this table fell into that category.

printer table before

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Sand Instead of Priming with Silk Paint

As I mentioned, this table had been sitting in my basement for a while, so first I cleaned it really well.  I used White Lightning mixed in a spray bottle for this.

Next, I rinsed the White Lightning with clean water.  This is important for adhesion.

Then I gave it a scuff sand all over with a 220-grit sand paper, and wiped down the dust.  Sanding is a crucial step when using Silk paint.  It’s an easy trade-off, though, because then you can skip priming.

The top had some glue or something stuck to it, so I sanded it a little more aggressively with my orbital sander.

red painted table side

Silk All-in-One Paint in Fiery Sky

This red painted table features a brand new color from the Silk All-in-One Mineral paint line.  It’s a beautiful deep red called Fiery Sky.

The new Silk colors are desert-inspired, and some of them are bold colors and jewel tones.  This is a departure from the original colors that are all soft and serene.

Here’s the whole desert range:

Silk desert inspired range

The color on the top right is called Morning Sunrise, and it’s the only other one I’ve used so far.  I tried it out on this little plaque with the new Basket weave stencil and the Flower Child transfer.

basket weave stencil

I love Morning Sunrise so much – probably because I love sunrises!

But back to the red painted table project!  It took 2 coats of Fiery Sky for full coverage.  I used a Flat Small synthetic brush to easily get into all the slats and tight spaces.

red painted table wider

Staining and Stenciling the Top

Using an applicator pad, I spread a light layer of Walnut No Pain gel stain across the top.  I let it dry overnight and then added a second coat.

Lastly, I wanted to add something to the top to make this table more unique.  After considering all my options – transfers, decoupage and stencils – I landed on the Mosaic silkscreen stencil.

Using the color Oyster, I stippled it over the self-adhesive stencil with a small brush. It seemed a little stark white, so after it was dry I added a light coat of Voodoo Gel stain in Tobacco Road over the whole top to dull the white and pull it all together.

red painted table closeup

Now this cute little accent table is ready to brighten any room.

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