Red Farmhouse Dresser

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Red Farmhouse Dresser

My mom picked up this piece for me at Goodwill, and I think she was so excited about it she forgot to really look at it. That happens to me too.  I get so excited about the potential makeover that I don’t look inside drawers and inspect each element.  This dresser had cracks up the sides, but fortunately my hubby was able to glue and clamp it all back together. 

Red Dresser getting glued and clamped

I started this project by stripping the top.  My process for stripping is to apply a generous layer of Citristrip with a chip brush or shop towel.  Then I cover it all with plastic wrap, and leave it for several hours or overnight.  When I come back to it, I remove the plastic wrap and use a scraper to take off all the loosened stain.  If I have to, I apply another coat of Citristrip and do it all again.  Then I take some #0000 steel wool to clean up the surface and remove any little bits of leftover stain.  Lastly, I sand with 60 grit sandpaper, then 220 grit and finally 400 grit.  I stained the top with 2 coats of Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain in Walnut, and sealed it with 2 coats of their Gator Hide sealant. 

Red Farmhouse Dresser before

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to go neutral or colorful with this one, so I asked on Facebook what people thought.  My Facebook peeps never let me down.  I ask for their input all the time, and it always ends with a beautiful piece that sells quickly.  The winner, obviously, was colorful!  I selected Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral paint in Barn Red. I added dark wax around the edges, and distressed as well to add more interest. And then I needed another opinion on hardware, ring pulls or catalog cup pulls.

Red Farmhouse Dresser

Once again, Facebook came through.  The hardware really adds a lot to the dresser.  I think it looks very farmhouse, super patriotic and downright cute. I could see it as an entry table, to hold linens in a large bathroom, or as a coffee station as well.  This little cutie sold super quickly, and is headed off to its new home soon!


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