Pink Watercolor MCM Chest of Drawers

MCM dresser before & after

My family took our usual summer vacation at the end of July to a cottage in the Minoqua area in Northern Wisconsin.  But we added a little vacation within a vacation to the Porcupine Mountains in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  I always love to explore new places, especially when there is tons of natural beauty to see, hiking around and taking tons of photos.  So before I get into today’s project, here is just one photo of the fam enjoying some outdoor relaxation time.

Family Pic in the UP

My uncle had a little farm when I was growing up. There were chickens, geese, goats, a couple horses and a pony named Cupcake.  Eventually, the barn had fewer and fewer animals and became a place to store stuff they weren’t using.  They had their 50th wedding anniversary recently, and wanted the barn cleaned out for the party.  They called me over to take any of the furniture I wanted, and there were a few great pieces.  This MCM chest of drawers was one of them.

MCM dresser before

It was in pretty great condition.  The drawers were clean inside and slid well.  The exterior was dirty, and had a burn mark on the top, but I knew Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint would cover that.  Originally, I had a navy blue and sand color palette in mind.  But when I found myself dragging my feet to get this project started, I realized I wasn’t too excited about that choice.  So I did a 180, and decided on pink ombre.  I also wanted to just be creative with blending, and let the final look land where it may.  After a quick sanding and cleaning, I mixed my various shades of pink using Barn Red and Cotton White.  To apply and blend, I used a spray bottle of water, and just went behind with my brush and blended the transition between shades.  Again, I wasn’t going for anything specific, just a pretty watercolor girly look.

MCM dresser side view

To stage this photo, I added a few nursery-themed items.  I think this piece could totally go in an adult room as well, and be very sophisticated with different accessories.  Here is another look at how this MCM chest of drawers went from drab to girly with a little pink paint and blending.  It is pretty much one of a kind now!

MCM dresser before & after

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