Pink and Gold Dresser

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If you love all things girly or feminine, you will appreciate today’s pink and gold dresser project.  Even in its original state, I could see the potential beauty in this piece.

If you want to see me painting it Live on Dixie Belle’s Page; you can check it out here.

Here are the supplies I used.

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Tea Rose & Pink Champagne Blend

After a good cleaning, I painted it with 2 blended coats.  For the frame and outer edges of the drawers, I used  Tea Rose.  For the inner rectangle of the drawers, I used Pink Champagne.

If you aren’t experienced with blending, it is actually easier on non-flat surfaces like these.  So you may want to try it on a more detailed piece like this first.

It also helps to use a mister bottle, so you can easily push the paint into all those crevices.  Without water, chalk paint can tend to be too thick to get into tight spaces.

A French tip brush is great for crevices too because it comes to a point.  I sealed the blended paint job with 2 coats of Satin Clear Coat.  

Using Gemstone Mousse to Create a Pink and Gold Dresser

Then I dove head first into my tiny little pot of Golden Gem Gemstone Mousse!  This stuff is so easy to use and just as brilliant as gold leaf!

Using a small artist brush, I added splashes of gold across the front and around the edges.  It only took 1 coat for full coverage, and it is water-based so it’s easy clean-up.

With the gold placement, I wasn’t going for symmetry, but balance.  Making the gold areas large makes it seem luxurious too.

I was so grateful this dresser came with all its original hardware!  Of course I painted these gorgeous handles with Golden Gem too.  Then I sealed the handles with Satin Clear Coat. 

I still have more than half of my tiny pot left over, so this product packs a lot of bang for your buck and goes a long way.

Pink Wood Grain

For the top, I had the crazy idea to wood grain the pink with a Chocolate brown underneath.  Who says wood grain has to be realistic?!

To do this technique, I started with 1 coat of Chocolate and let it dry thoroughly.  Then I sealed it with a clear coat; the sheen won’t be important because you’re going over it with more paint.

Using the Tea Rose, I painted a section (about 1/6th of the top) and misted liberally with water.  I ran my small wood grain tool over it, rocking it back and forth to create a wood grain pattern.

I occasionally wiped the tool off on paper towels to keep it clean as I went.  Once that was dry, I went around the edges with more Golden Gem.  The top was then sealed with more Satin Clear Coat.

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