Painted Demilune Table

plain table top

Today I’m sharing how to take a very plain big box store demilune table and make it special.  It starts with adding appliques, and ends with layering lots of bright color.  The finished piece looks a little southwestern, and a little like copper patina.  Here is what I started with – a table I got at Kohl’s and had in my home for many years.

plain table before

Here are all the products I used.

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Adding WoodUBend Appliques

These appliques are made of a composite material that bends when you heat it up.  Like reallllly bends, around just about anything.  You heat it up with a hair dryer until it is pliable and then apply wood glue to the back of it.  I like to use a small brush so I don’t get a bunch of glue squeezing out from underneath.  Then you stick it in place and hit it with the hair dryer again while you press it firmly into place with your fingers.

And voila!  It bonds to the surface instantly.  No need for tape or clamps, and you can paint it immediately.  For this project I let a little bit of the applique hang down off the apron which gives it a pretty touch.

plain table front

Slick Stick Bonding Primer

With real wood, I don’t usually prime unless I’m concerned about bleed-through.  But since this table came from a big box store and was made of laminate, I added a coat of Slick Stick.  This provides a grippier surface for the paint.

Layers of Paint

I was excited to try a custom 50/50 mix of Daisy and Peony, thinking it was going to be a deeper peach color.  Instead it turned out looking exactly like orange sherbet.

plain table orange paint

From there, I painted a solid coat of Barn Red leaving just a bit of the orange peeking through around the appliques.

plain table barn red

I still wasn’t happy with it, so I turned to my favorite color – blue.  I painted a coat of Pure Ocean, but I used a cross hatch motion and left a lot of red showing through.  When that was dry, I did a wash of Stormy Seas to give a little depth and tie everything together.

plain table WoodUBend detail

Lastly, I sanded lightly with high grit sand paper to get a smooth surface.   I sealed the top with Satin Clear Coat, and now it’s ready to live its best life!

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plain table makeover

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  1. what a beautiful color you chose to paint the table I think it looks a bit enchanting in an old fashioned way thanks for sharing
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  2. This turned out really good! Sometimes I find when people add appliques to furniture that it looks kind of cheesy. These ones look really nice and sound so easy to use. I will have to check them out!


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