Painted Cottage-Style Dining Chairs

cottage chairs before & after
cottage chairs before

Free is my favorite kind of furniture!  As long as I can fix the structural issues (or the ugly issues), I’m in.  These four chairs were given to me by a friend of my mom’s.  She had them in her vacation cottage.  They were super dirty, a little bit damaged and (dare I say) super ugly.  But based on their cute shape and sturdy build, they had tons of potential.  Here they are now.

cottage chairs after

These chairs got a super scrub down and a thorough sanding.  Then my husband repaired some of the cross braces at the bottoms.  I can see that whomever painted those flowers on the chair backs was inspired by the shape routed on the backs that reminds me of a tulip.  But I really question the color choice.  Black flowers?  Don’t those denote death?  I couldn’t wait to cover them up!

I had a paint color on hand called Sea Glass, and thought that would be charming.  Then when I saw how cottage-y the first chair looked, I thought maybe the chairs should be different colors than each other.  Another color I already had on hand was Duck Egg Blue.  It was a great complement to the Sea Glass, and I decided to stop at two colors.  I think it’s a fine line between cottage-y and kindergarten-y if you know what I mean.

cottage chairs collage

I sanded and distressed them quite a bit.  These are the type of pieces I love to distress because it just sets off the details, and gives that aged quality you’d expect from a set of old chairs.  I’d love to see them end up on someone’s covered front porch, or sun room, surrounded by white planked walls. Maybe there’s a chippy table to rest your glass of sweet tea on.  Ahhhhh, my cottage life fantasies.  Do you have them too?  Please tell me I’m not the only one!

These chairs are currently for sale locally in southeast Wisconsin.  I have a potential buyer coming tomorrow, and I may have to let them go.  They are just so charming; it’s hard not to be emotionally attached to them!

cottage chairs before & after

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