Ombre Blended Buffet

blended buffet straight view

Ombre furniture is such a trend right now, and I for one love it!  Check out this beautiful blended buffet! 

This is the first of four custom paint jobs I’ll be doing.  When I say “custom”, I just mean that someone already owns the piece and is commissioning me to paint it according to their choice of colors and techniques.  My friend Lisa found this piece at an estate sale and dropped it off to me on her way home. 

blended buffet before

Lisa didn’t have a distinctive style she wanted, so she chose four colors she liked off a Dixie Belle paint card.  We decided I’d blend those in an ombre look and stain the top dark. 

Before we get started, here are all the products I used.

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If you want tons of information on Dixie Belle paint and products, you can check out this Comprehensive Guide post, and you can download it free here by clicking the picture:

Ombre Furniture – Blending 4 Colors Light to Dark

I blended the base coat pretty much the same as the second coat, just in a rougher form.  I was primarily determining where to stop and start each color and making sure the color combination looked pretty. 

As blending goes, these colors were very compatible.  I’d recommend them for a beginner.

I started with Hurricane Gray at the bottom, then worked into Stormy Seas.  Where they come together, you can use a clean dry brush (I like the Oval Medium for this), and plenty of water from your mister bottle. 

Brush lightly in every direction, blending the colors together and removing any harsh lines or brush strokes.

ombre furniture buffet

The next blend was from Stormy Seas into Vintage Duck Egg.  Same drill.  Use plenty of water, and blend, blend, blend.  Lastly, I blended Vintage Duck Egg into Sea Glass. 

Like I said, you don’t have to worry about perfecting your blend until the second coat.  It helps to stand back and get an overview to ensure it looks uniform.

ombre painted furniture buffet

Gel Staining the Top and Tray

To darken the top, I went over the existing finish with one coat of No Pain Gel Stain in Espresso.  This is an oil-based product, so you’ll want to allow a couple days for it to fully dry.  I used the white applicator pad from Dixie Belle to apply the stain which helps avoid brush strokes.  Lisa decided to have me stain that removable tray as well.

blended buffet top

buffet server tray

Sanding & Sealing

When all the painting and staining was done, I went over everything with a finishing pad (which is like a very fine grit sandpaper) to ensure it was all smooth. 

I sealed the body of the piece with Easy Peasy spray wax.  I squirted it on an area and immediately wiped it off using the white applicator pad.  It’s great for this job because it’s lint-free.

The top was sealed with two coats of Satin Clear Coat applied with a foam brush.  The hardware came from Hobby Lobby and was the perfect touch to accent these grays and blues.

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As always, if you learned anything or were inspired here, Please Pin!  Let’s keep this ombre painted furniture trend going!

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