Smooth as Silk Olive Green Dresser

cactus dresser flower child wide

This beautiful olive green dresser started out lovely, but needed a little makeover for modern times. It was given to me by a family that was moving away and couldn’t take all their furniture with them. It is really well constructed, and didn’t have much damage. Plus, you know by now I love myself some French Provincial furniture (with all the hardware intact!).

Here’s the list of Dixie Belle products I used on this all-in-one paint project.

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Mixing a Super Smooth & Durable All-in-One Paint

While the Silk Paint line from Dixie Belle has built-in primer and topcoat, I still wanted to experiment to see if I could make it even more durable. So I mixed 1 part clear BOSS with 1 part Cactus and 1 part Satin Clear Coat. I stirred it really well in a mason jar, and kept it closed tightly when I wasn’t using it.

This mixture painted on very thin, but not drippy. You can see it gives a very smooth finish. I made sure to mix the paint several times while using it so there was no separating or settling. I did a scratch test with my finger nail as soon as it was dry, and it didn’t budge. It will continue to harden as it cures, so the durability is amazing!

Having a finish that isn’t fragile is perfect when the piece is going to be moved, sold, delivered, etc right after it’s painted. It also saved me a bunch of time compared to priming, painting 2 coats of color and then sealing with 1-2 coats.

olive green dresser front

Prepping & Painting

You may have noticed the doors look a little different in the Before picture. There was a carved flower design that dated the piece, so I filled that in using Bondo. When the Bondo was dry, I sanded it smooth. Now you can’t even tell the flowers were there.

There were a few smaller dings on the top too; I filled those using Dixie Mud. My paint mixture covered and was equally smooth over the filler, Bondo and wood.

cactus dresser close up finish

Adding a Surprise Inside

I wanted to add something with a bit more design behind the door. That way the piece is still pretty neutral for most decor styles, but there is a little pop of color and pattern hidden inside.

I chose the Flower Child transfer (it’s a favorite of mine!) to go with this olive green color. It rubbed on easily to the surface, and I sealed over it with Satin Clear Coat.

cactus dresser angled

cactus dresser flower child interior

To accent the beautiful pulls, I dry brushed some Gemstone Mousse Golden Gem over them. One of the middle handles was missing, but I happened to have one that matched pretty closely in my stash. You can see they are a little unmatched here, but I bet you wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t point it out!

cactus dresser hardware

I staged this piece with a picture from my 2019 trip to Alaska – such a breath-taking place! If you enjoy this piece, please remember to Pin this project for inspiration!

Flawlessly smooth paint finish pin

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