Night Stands with Iron Orchid Designs Transfer

blue-green night stands front2

Is it wrong that I am in love with these dreamy feminine night stands?!  I sourced this pair for a client who had previously purchased this French Provincial dresser.  She wanted these painted the same way, but she asked for different flowers.  Here are the night stands before paint:

night stands before

I actually have a 3-part series on my Facebook page showing how I achieved this finish, so be sure to check it out if you want step-by-step visuals.  Here are the products you’ll need, and of course you could do the same technique with different colors to match your own vision.

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If you want tons of information on Dixie Belle paint and products, you can check out this Comprehensive Guide post, and you can download it free here by clicking the picture:

Blending Blues and Greens

Because I’ve written about this finish in detail before, I’m not going to describe it all again here.  I’ll just add that this is a great way to try out blending without it having to be perfect.  Since there are 2 different washes that go over the blending, those help cover any imperfections.  Also, this type of paint finish lends itself to be more boho which is a syle that is not after perfection.

blue-green night stands

Gray Grain Top

This is also the same finish I did on the top of the dresser.  First, I brushed on a combination of Voodoo gel stains in Tobacco Road and Up in Smoke.  After that was dry, I did a coat of just Up in Smoke.  That was followed by a coat of White Magic.  And finally, a coat of Black Glaze.  For all coats, I used a brush and kept the strokes going straight in one direction like wood grain.  After a very light sanding to smooth it all out, I sealed it with Clear Coat in Satin.

blue-green night stand top

Iron Orchid Floral Transfer

The florals came from the IOD Wander transfer.  This was my first time using an Iron Orchid Designs transfer, and it was so superior to the other brands I’ve used!  It took minimal rubbing to get it to transfer onto the piece, so you can’t count on it for your arm workout (darn!).  What a time saver!!

It didn’t have the white-ish halo around the edges like other transfers do, and it made it around curves and details easily without breaking.

It also comes in a large sheet, as opposed to several sheets.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I liked this or not, but in the end it seemed easier to work with 1 sheet.  I also love their selection of colors and designs.

I lightly sanded the transfers to fade the colors just a bit, and then I sealed all the painted surface with Easy Peasy Spray Wax. I love how these white and gold knobs added a little pop of metallic.

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