Mustard Accent Table Makeover

mustard cabinet front

For my color-loving sunshine worshiping peeps out there, I hope this little cabinet makes you smile! 

After painting black for 2 weeks on the dining set I posted last week, it was so refreshing to work with such a bright color palette.  Here’s the little cabinet my client brought me.

mustard table before

Laurie has shades of blue, gray and yellow-gold in her living room, so she requested something in that range.  She was also inspired by this piece I did a while back for my own home.  So I used the same technique on her piece.

yellow accent table top view

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Blending Yellow and Gold

This cabinet actually came to me with several pieces of trim detached and no back on it. After my husband got it situated structurally, I cleaned it really well with White Lightning.  It had been previously painted with latex paint, so I sanded a bit more than usual to ensure I took off any loose bits and ground down any crazy texture.    

I treated each side as its own canvas, painting the Colonel Mustard around the outside and the Daisy in the middle. 

mustard cabinet angle

mustard cabinet side

Then I used my spray mister and a clean dry oval brush to blend the 2 colors together.  I misted with water and then with a light hand, I just brushed in every direction to blur out any harsh lines. 

I painted 2 coats, blending both the same way and sanding lightly in between coats. 

mustard cabinet top

Accenting with Brown Wax

When it was all dry and lightly sanded once more for a smooth finish, I again went one side at a time.  First, I sprayed a roughly 6” x 6” area with the Easy Peasy spray wax, and then I spread it out using the applicator pad (any lint-free cloth will do). 

Once a side was all clear-waxed, I went back and added the Best Dang brown wax around the edges.  I put it on with a small artist brush, and rubbed it in with a shop towel.  My goal was for it to look like natural aging and not have a pattern to it.

mustard cabinet left angle

I kept it mostly to the outer edges though, so the lighter highlight in the middle would still stand out. 

Lastly, I added those gorgeous blue and gold map knobs from Hobby Lobby.  When Laurie picked up this piece, she commented how it was more fun to buy a piece like this than something new because you could pick your own colors and finish.  To that I say, “Exactly!”

mustard cabinet knobs

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  1. Love it! Mustard yellow seems to be having a moment. I’m seeing it everywhere lately, so you are right on trend! And you blended the two tones perfectly. What a pretty piece!

  2. I saw your link at the Anything Goes link up. I love the bright color and gradient you gave this piece. I’ve pinned to my “Beautiful Home” board. Thanks for sharing!


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