Metallic Chalk Paint for an Elegant Look

Asian Inspired Tallboy Dresser

I have an awesome client who is moving out of the area :(, and she offered me a couple pieces to purchase.  Isn’t this tallboy chest-on-chest dresser equisite? My vision for this piece included metallic chalk paints from the start. 

Asian Inspired Tallboy Dresser Before

Here are the products I used to achieve this look.

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Silk Quiet Cove

I chose the Silk paint line from Dixie Belle for a couple reasons.  I’m not sure what the existing finish was, but it looked like spray paint on top of the original finish. Due to the shininess, it needed a primer for better adhesion.

Silk has a built-in primer (equivalent to 1 coat of BOSS) and top coat, so it eliminates a few steps.  

Also, Quiet Cove, a blue-gray color, has great coverage and is the perfect shade underneath the Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics I’m using.

Asian Inspired Tallboy base coat

To apply the Silver Bullet and Steel Magnolia metallics, I used a small brush called La Petite.  It has a point on it, so it also great for stenciling.

Going back and forth between the two colors, I pounced them just on the drawers.  This adds more texture and interest than painting it on with smooth strokes. 

It’s also more forgiving because a smooth metallic will show every flaw in the surface.  So that’s a tip if you want to use metallics without having to worry about brush strokes or nicks and dings in your piece.

Asian Inspired Tallboy Dresser before transfer

Stencils with Metallic Chalk Paint

I wanted to add a subtle feature on the front, so I stenciled in random areas using one of the sheets from the Lace silkscreen stencil.  It’s in the same metallic colors, so you have to look closely to see it.

Asian Inspired Tallboy Dresser stencil closeup

Next, I moved on to the sides.  Using the large mylar Harlequin stencil, I filled in the bottom framed area.  Again, this is just a combination of the two metallic paints.

For the top framed area, I used the Lace silkscreen again.  I didn’t want it to be perfect, so I overlapped a little and left a few gaps.  I feel like this adds character.  I also pounced a little around the edges.

Asian Inspired Tallboy Dresser left side

Lastly, I gave the existing Ah-mazing hardware a little dry brush of Steel Magnolias before reinstalling it.

Let’s take a look back at where this project came from.  Peeling spray paint to this elegant metallic finish.  Please Pin!

Asian Inspired Tallboy metallic chalk paint Pin

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    • Thanks, Cindy! So glad you to hear you love the Dixie Belle products! Yes, that tallboy is a beauty and the one I’ll be posting next week is amazing quality as well. xo, Shannon


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