Mesmerizing MCM Dresser Makeover

MCM dresser makeover

You won’t believe how easy this MCM dresser makeover was!  Leaving the drawer fronts original really cuts down on the overall project time, and having all the original hardware simplifies things too.

But before we get into all that, I did want to take a moment to honor the man that owned this dresser.  He was a friend of my husband, and someone who played in his monthly card group.

Unfortunately, he recently passed away suddenly of complications from diabetes.  At only 66 years old, his life was cut short. 

His family was kind enough to offer me some of his furniture, and I hope he’s looking down and enjoying these makeovers.  This 6-drawer dresser is in the mid-century modern style, with straight lines and simple design.

MCM stenciled dresser before

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This dresser is one of those pieces where I knew roughly what I wanted to do with it the moment I saw it.  MCM dressers look great with a mix of paint and stained wood, and they also really lend themselves to geometric designs.

MCM Dresser Makeover with Silk Tide Pool

This dresser was badly in need of a good cleaning, which I did with White Lightning tsp cleaner.  I followed that with a rinse of clean water.

I let the piece dry fully before proceeding to painting because Silk paint works best without extra water or moisture.

I chose the Silk paint line for this project to keep it simple.  With built-in primer and top coat, the whole project consisted of painting 2 coats of paint on the sides, top and legs.

This soothing pale blue color is called Tide Pool.  I think it pairs really well with the natural wood drawer fronts.

mcm stenciled dresser top

There were a couple spots where the veneer was peeling up, so I glued it down and added a little wood filler where needed.

I didn’t do anything else to the stained surface except clean it.  If you have wood in need of a little more love, you could use Restore-a-Finish, Big Mama’s Butta or Hemp Oil to re-condition it.

MCM mudcloth stencil front

Mudcloth Stencil

As mentioned, I knew I wanted to add a geometric stencil.  When I sorted through my stencil collection, I settled on the mudcloth one because it’s geometric, but also not perfect.

The pattern is sort of wobbly, so it hides some imperfections.  I taped the stencil in place with blue painters tape, and filled it in with gold gilding wax using my finger.

Using wax is great because it’s less likely to slide under the stencil and ruin your pattern.  If you are intimidated by stenciling, this is a great way to start. 

And don’t forget, the gilding wax comes in silver, bronze, black, zinc and copper as well, so lots of metallics to choose from.

MCM dresser stencil close up

The gilding wax is what I used on the hardware and feet as well.  It is oil-based, so I let it cure overnight before I buffed it to a shine with an old sock.

I just love the simplicity of this MCM dresser makeover!  If you enjoyed this project, don’t forget to Pin It!

stenciled mid century furniture pin

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  1. Beautiful makeover! That stencil kicks it up a notch! So sorry for your hubby’s friend’s passing. My own hubby’s best friend just died a couple of weeks ago – it’s sad. It was sweet of his family to give you this piece.😊


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