Jewelry Armoire Makeover

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This oak jewelry armoire was beautiful in its day, but came to me in bad need of a makeover.  It belonged to my niece, but she was moving to a new apartment and decided to part with it.  Between the missing (and I found out, broken) hardware and the dirty fabric lining, I had to come up with some creative solutions.

jewelry armoire before

The Crazy Cinnamon Technique

To start, I washed it well with White Lightning, and vacuumed out the fabric interior.  Since I was replacing the hardware, I also filled the holes with Dixie Belle mud in brown. 

I had seen another furniture painter do a technique, which I dubbed “the crazy cinnamon technique” in my head and I couldn’t wait to try it myself.

For Katy Scott’s original Youtube video, check it out here.  For my version, you can check out the Facebook Live video here

I started by painting a coat of In the Navy all over it, including some of the interior.  Once it was dry, using a chip brush I pounced some turquoise paint (The Gulf) around the edges of the top.  I then did the same thing with a burnt orange paint (Rusty Nail).  I came back over it with more In the Navy, blending the wet colors together a little bit, but still with a pouncing motion.

Then came the texture and the delicious smell!  I dipped the brush into some cinnamon and pounced that right over the paint.  It was very easy to achieve an industrial vibe with these products and technique.

jewelry armoire top closed

Adding a Transfer & Gilding Wax

Since this was a feminine piece being for jewelry storage, I wanted to play that up and add some florals.  That’s partially why I left the center areas of my sides and doors smooth.  I chose leftover bits and pieces of Imperial Garden and Rose & Rouge and applied them on the sides and front doors by rubbing them on.  I almost always cut up my transfers, so I can make a more custom look versus using the whole thing as one big picture.

jewelry armoire right side

jewelry armoire left side

By this point, I was loving the industrial and feminine combination for this jewelry armoire.  I chose a gilding wax in copper to accent the trim and hardware, and really pop against the navy.  I applied it with a little artist’s brush, and it didn’t take long at all.

To seal everything, I painted on a coat of Clear Coat in flat finish. 

On the drawers, I added these little catalog pulls from D Lawless.  The door hardware was a bit of a nightmare.  The knob on the right side door was missing when I got the piece, but when I went to screw in a new one, I found out the old one was actually broken off inside the door.  Luckily my husband was able to drill it out, and I had 4 somewhat matching tiny knobs in my stash.  I gilded them with copper as well before screwing them on.

Lining the Drawers

The fabric-lined drawers were still pretty stained and dirty even after being vacuumed, so I pulled out the fabric on some of them.  I needed to replace them with something pretty thick, since glue and texture were left behind. 

I’ve had a textured wallpaper roll for years, thinking I would find some awesome use for it, and now I finally have!  I cut the paper to size for each drawer and painted them in various colors I pulled from the floral transfers – Apricot, Tea Rose, and The Gulf.  This was easier to do before it was installed in the drawers. 

I stuck the paper down in the drawers and bottom shelves using Gator Hide as the glue, painting it on both the drawer bottom and the paper bottom for a good bond.  You could use Mod Podge instead if you prefer.

jewelry armoire drawers

jewelry armoire open

Here are the products I used.

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If you like this jewelry armoire makeover, you might like this out-of-the-box technique as well.  Leave me a Comment and let me know if you like this industrial feminine look or have any questions.

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  1. I loved every little thing that you did to revitalize that piece of furniture, amazing! I’m a big fan of flowers also and I loved your idea of cutting them apart and making them your own. What a beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing.


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