How to Transform Kitchen Stools with Black Paint

kitchen stools after

Welcome, Friends!  I did this project back in the warm days of summer.  Ahhhh, those were the days!  I actually had a very Wisconsin-in-February accident this week when I stepped out on my front stoop and it was so icy I immediately slipped and fell on my bottom.

I am still feeling the effects of that as I sit here writing this post, but I am grateful I wasn’t hurt worse.  Also, I didn’t blurt out any 4-letter words with my kids standing by (which I tend to do when I hurt myself), so that’s progress!

Today I’m sharing a project from a repeat client of mine.  Sherri purchased this china/game cabinet, as well as this gray buffet from me.  Her home is chock full of painted furniture, and I just love her style.

Dated Stools

She owned these stools, and wanted to freshen them up with a black painted farmhouse finish.

kitchen stools before

I chose the color Caviar, the blackest black in the Dixie Belle paint line.  There really wasn’t much prep on this project.  I didn’t have to repair any damage, and also didn’t sand more than a slight scuffing.  I disassembled the top half of the stools from their bottoms, so I could do a thorough job getting under the seats.  Then a good cleaning, and they were ready to paint.

A lot of people might spray these stools, but I don’t prefer spraying, so I brushed on one coat.  Other than a few touch-ups, one coat gave me all the coverage I needed. 

kitchen stool closeup

I distressed the paint with sand paper a little around the edges, to mimic regular wear and tear.  And finally, I sealed the seats with Gator Hide for durability.

Painted Stools

Don’t they look completely refreshed and modern now?

kitchen stools after

I used a metal cleaner on the stainless hoops that go around the legs.  Here’s a reminder of how far these stools came.

kitchen stools before & after

Resource List

If you’ve got some old furniture in great shape, but the finish is dated, I hope this project inspired you to give paint a try!  Please pin it below.  If you aren’t wild about black, check out this super colorful and fun chair makeover from Diane at In My Own Style.

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