Hexagon Table Makeover

hexagon table front

Do you have one of these vintage hexagon tables around your house?  Many people do!  It could be time to pull it out, dust it off, and give it a paint makeover.

This one belongs to a friend and client named Carrie.  It was her grandparents’ table, so she wanted to update it to use in her home.  Carrie and her husband have 7 kids, 5 of them boys.  Yikes, right!?  The top was damaged with some combination of boys, an exercise ball and a  can of soda.

hexagon table before

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hexagon table detail

“Fixing” the Damage

To start, I gave it a good cleaning with White Lightning, and a rinse with clear water.  After it was dry, I considered my options for the top.  There was too much texture to paint over without it showing through.  This isn’t a great time of year for stripping furniture in Wisconsin, and I prefer not to do it inside.  Soooo, I came up with an idea to add more texture.

I mixed Sea Spray additive with Coffee Bean paint, and pounced it on with my large round brush. This created an all-over texture that hid the boy-exercise ball-soda problemos.

hexagon table wide shot

Then, to add a little more depth and color variation, I squirted on some Voodoo Gel Stain in Tobacco Road.  With a chip brush, I spread it in the direction of the grain.  I don’t try for full coverage here, just about half.  This has been my go-to color combination for the tops of pieces lately.

I sealed it with Clear Coat in Satin.  This product is really easy to use; I just spread it over the top thinly and evenly with an applicator pad.

If you want to learn more about Dixie Belle products or chalk paint in general, I created this comprehensive guide you can download for free.  Just click on it.

Fluff Chalk Paint

The base of the table is painted in 2 coats of Fluff.  I love this warm white because it’s not too brown or yellow, but it’s also not a stark clinical white.  For those wicker areas on the doors, I just painted right over them with no special prep or anything.

hexagon table side

We left the original hardware, and just cleaned it up.  The pulls are actually really cool, and add that extra little pop of vintage style.  My in-laws recently gave me that washboard in the background.  I love how the graphics are worn off, and I think it’ll be a great staging item.

The last step in this makeover was a little distressing. With 220-grit sand paper, I lightly distressed around the edges.  Now this little table is updated and ready for the next 50 years!

If you are a fan of whites and creams, you might like this post showing all of Dixie Belle’s white and cream colors and how they look on furniture.

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hexagon table before and after

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