Gray Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover

gray buffet lower front view

This chalk paint buffet makeover came together quickly and easily, and the end result is a show stopper!

When I purchased this buffet, I can’t say gray even entered my mind.  But when Rene came to purchase the French Linen night stands from me a couple weeks ago, she mentioned she needed a buffet.  I took a chance and showed her this one, and she decided it was perfect for her space!

gray buffet before

She wanted the top to match the night stands because she felt that finish went really well in her home.  For the bottom, she chose ombre starting with dark gray at the bottom and ending with white at the top. 

Here are the supplies I used.

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Blending the First Coat

I cleaned this piece really well, and my husband tinkered with the drawers to make them sit straighter in their openings.  We removed all the dated hardware, and set the escutcheons aside to be added back later.

Some people paint the piece all one color for their first coat, and then blend on the second coat.  I prefer to blend both coats because the first coat gives me an idea how it will look and the chance to change my mind.

gray buffet left side

For instance, I originally had Mason Dixon Gray as a fourth color blended just above the Gravel Road.  But it had a lavender undertone I didn’t prefer, so I left it out on the second coat. 

Also, I blended the Gravel Road much higher at first, and decided later to keep it low and make the center of the piece much lighter.

Blending the Second Coat

I struggled a little blending these colors because they were not so similar.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t have Hurricane Gray on hand, or I would have used that instead of the Gravel Road because it’s much closer to Manatee Gray.

gray buffet detail

But using what I had, I painted Gravel Road and Manatee Gray with separate brushes.  Then I used a third clean dry brush to blend them together. 

Using my mister bottle to spray water as needed, I blended in every direction until it was nicely blurred and there were no harsh lines from one color to the other.  I did the same between the Manatee Gray and Fluff.

Faux Wood Grain Top

This top is the same technique I did on my French Linen night stands.  You can read about the 4-step process about halfway down the post here.

gray buffet top view

Finishing Touches on this Chalk Paint Buffet

I distressed a bit with sand paper around the edges, and then sealed the whole piece with 2 coats of Satin Clear Coat that I brush on.

gray buffet front view

Remember those escutcheon keyholes we set aside earlier?  I spray painted them with Rustoleum Hammered Silver and re-installed them. 

The new knobs came from Hobby Lobby.  They were not expensive at all, and they perfectly complement the finish.

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  1. I love all kinds of makeovers. It’s such a great way to breathe in a new life in old, unloved things. I’ll be making a new tabletop for my kitchen table soon with pallet wood. Thanks for sharing, Shannon!

    • I agree, they don’t make stuff as well as they used to so it makes sense to reuse and repurpose the old well-made stuff. xo Shannon


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