Giving a Cabinet Personality with Market Green Paint

market green end table

Hi Friends!  Since we last spoke, my family and I have been on an epic Alaskan vacation.  It was 11 days of exploring, adventuring, and experiencing new things.  We were so immersed in it that re-entry into our normal Wisconsin life has taken a while.  But I was anxious to get back to painting, and I have a couple projects in the works!  I will share Alaska pictures and more about the trip in my email this week.  You can get on my list here.

You may recognize this little cabinet from this previous makeover I did.  Originally, it was oak.  I painted it Cotton White, and added black hardware.  There was nothing wrong with it this way, but it didn’t sell for a month or more, and I was itching to try out this newer color from Dixie Belle’s Flea Market Décor line called Market Green.

cabinet before

Here’s how the first re-do looked:

white cabinet after

So, bye bye white and hello green!  This particular shade of green is so livable.  It’s not too bright, not too yellow, not too…green.  I guess you could say it’s a little subdued.  There wasn’t really any prep, since I had already done that before I painted it the first time.  I just gave it a light sanding with 220 grit sand paper to ensure a smooth base.

Paint & Stain

I painted the base with 2 coats of the Market Green, and the interior with 2 coats of Dried Sage.  I kept the inside shelf Market Green for a little contrast.  I wanted the top to have more of a stained look, but I didn’t feel like stripping the white paint.

market green end table

The top was a bit of an experiment, but I love the end result!  I started by squirting on various colors of the Voodoo gel stain – Tobacco Road, Black Magic, Bayou Moss, and Temptress.  Even though Bayou Moss and Temptress are green and blue, that didn’t really come through in the final color.  But it did alter the brown shade of the Tobacco Road to a color that really complements the Market Green.  I brushed and blended these stains out using a chip brush.  Since the stain is a little transparent, and the base was white, I needed a second coat.  Buuuuuut, I had run out of Tobacco Road (the brown stain), so I used some watered down Chocolate brown paint.  Lastly, I dry brushed some Drop Cloth to create a little more of a barnwood look.

Market Green Cabinet Top

Here’s how the interior looks now:

market green cab inside

Don’t you think the green just gives it so much more personality?

Finishing Touches

Since I had the white underneath, I didn’t do any distressing.  You could totally distress and let the white show through, but I didn’t want that look.

I rubbed the top lightly with a 400 grit finishing pad, just to make sure it was totally smooth.  Then I sealed it with a couple coats of Gator Hide water repellent sealer for durability.  And I added back the black knobs I had gotten from Target, and the perfectly sized basket from Marshall’s.

market green cabinet side

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