Girly Pink Nursery Furniture

changing table side w shelves

This piece reminds me of when my sweet girl was a baby, and all the things were pink!  She is 15 now, and still pretty girly, but I sure do miss holding her in my arms and kissing her soft head.  I know any other moms out there feel me.

Even though I am shifting my furniture focus to pieces that are vintage or antique and solid wood, this piece is NOT that.  A friend of a friend dropped it off, hoping I could do something with it.  Several times I considered not painting it, but in the end I decided to throw everything I had at it.

A changing table is a super functional piece, but I wanted to prove that it can also be a statement.  Here is what it looked like at the start.

changing table front before

changing table side before

It’s not made of wood, but some plastic-y material.  I started with 1 coat of Slick Stick to ensure my paint would have something to stick to.  Then I let the Slick Stick dry overnight according to the directions.

Everything got 2 coats of Soft Pink,  a lovely girly shade of pink perfect for a nursery.

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changing table opposite side

I did a Facebook Live video demonstrating these techniques on this piece you can see here.  If you want more information on the products I use, get your free guide here (click the pic):

Adding Metallics

To get that color variation around the edges, I pounced on some Gold Digger and sprayed it down with water from my mister bottle.  Then I blotted with a paper towel to remove some of it.

After that was dry, I  did the same process with Rozay.

changing table front side

Then I added some very small sections of floral transfer, planning it so I could combine them with the wood appliques.  It’s sort of a mixed media 3-D effect.

Wood Appliques

Speaking of the wood appliques, check out the giant butterfly!  Isn’t she pretty?  I just sliced it with a razor blade where the drawer needs to open. To apply these appliques, you heat 1 up with a hair dryer (or heat gun or griddle), and stick it on using wood glue.  Then you re-heat it again while pressing it down firmly.

It only takes 30-60 seconds for it to bond, and you don’t even have to tape or clamp anything into place.  It’s the super easiest thing ever!

changing table collage

It was so therapeutic hand painting the appliques.  I just used a small artist brush and Soft Pink for the base.  For shading and depth, I used a few darker pinks like Flamingo, Apricot and Tea rose.  Also, I used The Gulf for a bit of aqua.

I love the combination of these with the transfers!

changing table back

I still need to seal this piece, and I’m planning to use Satin Clear Coat and the white applicator pad.  Since it’s a functional piece, I want to make sure it holds up to use.

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girly pink nursery furniture

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  1. What a beautiful makeover, Shannon! I bet you are so glad you decided to put paint on this piece. Love the color, the pretty floral transfer, and those cool appliques. Pinned 🙂


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