Delightfully Damask French Bedside Table

french country night stand front

If you saw last week’s French Country dresser project, then you’ll recognize this night stand as part of that set.  This makeover takes this piece from outdated night stand to French bedside table.  Ooooo la la!

french country night stand before

Here are the products I used for this transformation.

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Last week I gave you the steps to achieving this finish on a 9-drawer dresser.  Here are momma and baby together.  Aren’t they sweet?

french country dresser and night stand

So this week, I’m going into more depth on a few things.

Should I Stain before Paint, or Paint before Stain?

When using both water-based and oil-based products on a project, I prefer to use the water-based products first.  On this piece, that means painting the base, adding the decoupage and liquid clear coat and waxing with water-based Best Dang Wax before moving on.

french country night stand closeup

Then I add the No Pain Gel Stain on the top (after water-based Slick Stick), and the oil-based gilding waxes as an accent and on the hardware.

The last product is the Clear Coat Satin on the top which is water-based, but it’s important to wait until the gel stain is thoroughly dry.  This can take 24-72 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

french bedside table top

Using Wax and Gilding Wax on a French Bedside Table

Having been partial to the Satin Clear Coat for quite a while now, I kinda forgot how gorgeous a wax finish can be.  Dixie Belle has actually been out of stock of some of the clear coats lately, so it’s nice to have an alternative top coat.

french country night stand right side

Dixie Belle paint is self-sealing, so you don’t technically have to do any topcoat.  I always do one, though, for a few reasons.

  • Added protection and durability
  • Water resistance on the tops of pieces
  • Added sheen of your choice (i.e. matte, satin, high gloss, the eggshell glow of wax, etc.)

Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax is unique in that it’s a proprietary blend that is water-based.  No other wax is water-based. 

That means you can layer it under other products, or paint over a waxed piece if you decide to start over or change direction  So much easier than using mineral spirits or sanding down!

But most importantly, the glow of wax really lends to that aged old world character that some of us love.

french country night stand left side

Decoupage Paper vs Transfers vs Stencils

There are so many embellishment options for your furniture these days.  The beauty of all of them is they allow anyone without a ton of artistic ability to be an artist.

I like all of the options, depending on my vision for the piece. 

  • Decoupage paper – great for large areas & huge impact, very easy to apply
  • Transfers – can be added as a big art piece, or in little touches here and there, fairly easy to apply; many are floral designs
  • Stencils – can be used as a subtle texture (my fave!), or for big impact; many are geometric designs; some people find stencils a little tricky to apply

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