Footstool Refresh | Put Your Feet Up and Relax!

footstool after

A couple years after college, I was struggling a bit with my career and my place in this world.  I was living in Illinois at the time, and decided to move back home to Wisconsin.  Still wanting my independence, I moved to a town called Lake Geneva, about 45 minutes from my home town.  I quit my job, picked up my life and moved there with no plan and no safety net.  Risk-taking was a strength of mine!  But the point of this story is the apartment I got.  It was the top floor of a 2-story house; 2 bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and kitchen.  My landlord, Harold, was a very nice older man, and he gave me an account at the local hardware store.  I was able to buy paint and supplies to fix up the place, and he paid the bill.  Needless to say, I loved that arrangement!  In the course of fixing up the place, I shopped at a local antique store quite often.  That’s where I found this cast iron stool.

footstool before

I always like a place to put up my feet when I’m relaxing.  Having varicose veins, my ankles and feet often get swollen, so putting them up just feels good.  I liked the old-fashioned style of the tapestry, fringe trim and upholstery tacks.  And the small size was a plus for my small apartment.  Since then, I’ve continued to use it in my home for about the last 15 or 20 years.  When we recently refreshed our family room, I decided it was time to let it go.  But not without an update, of course.

I painted the base in a couple coats of a creamy white color called Buttercream from Dixie Belle Paint.

footstool in process

Choosing fabric is always a challenge, but here are the three options I considered.

footstool fabric choice

I distressed the base a little, accenting the iron details.  I was  influenced by a reader who suggested the cream and white fabric.  It just seemed like the most practical for selling the piece, since it’s so neutral.

footstool after

I had to throw a little autumn orange into the photo.  I love the contrast with the cream and white.  This piece could be used as an ottoman like we did, or a bench for a front entry or to fill a little nook.

footstool collage

One last glance at the current look compared to the blast from the past.  I hope you consider it an improvement!

footstool before & after

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