Field of Flowers Buffet

field of flowers buffet angle

This “Field of Flowers” transfer is new from Dixie Belle, and it really took this piece from plain to beautiful!  I found this buffet on Facebook Marketplace for $30 and dirty as could be.  

field of flowers buffet before

The whole design of this piece was based around the transfer.  I pulled the paint colors directly from it, and also from the room it was going into.  There were a number of steps, but it was still pretty easy to accomplish this look.

Here are the supplies I used.

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Building the Layers

After some major cleaning with White Lightning, I primed this piece with gray BOSS.  I probably didn’t have to prime, but the factory finish was a little glossy and BOSS gives better adhesion.

Once the BOSS was dry, I painted the edges and random spots with Barn Red (mostly the bottom half) and Daisy (mostly the top half).  Then I let that dry.

field of flowers buffet

Pouncing on the Greens

The next step was pouncing on my greens.  The lower half is Collard Greens, a gorgeous deep green color.  To give it some texture, I tapped the paint on with my brush, going around the red areas.  I also went over them very lightly to dirty up the red.

The upper half is Holy Guacamole.  I also tapped this color on, going around the yellow areas.  Where the greens meet, I tapped the colors together to create more of a blended transition.

I didn’t do a full second coat of paint, but I did bring a little of the light green over the dark green and vice versa for depth.

field of flowers buffet closeup

Gel Staining the Top

To make the top a little richer, I chose Colonial Black.  I didn’t sand it down to bare wood or anything; I just went right over the existing finish.

To apply it, I used the Dixie Belle applicator pad.  This is a great inexpensive little tool to get your stain even and smooth.  I spread the stain on, and then used a dry area of the pad to pull some back.  You can see the pretty variation of color this gave.

field of flowers buffet top

Field of Flowers Transfer

In the cabinet door centers, I didn’t paint over the gray BOSS.  I applied the transfer right over the BOSS and it worked great!  I find a bright base color makes the transfer pop.

I cut the transfer sheet to the size needed, pulled off the white backing and rubbed it on.  

I sealed the whole piece with 2 coats of Satin.  This is the original hardware, but I transformed it with a couple layers.  First, I painted the knobs and hinges with Gemstone Mousse in Garnet.  To  age it similar to the buffet, I rubbed on some brown wax.

field of flowers door

I kept this piece because it was the perfect size for my glassware, and I am in love with how it turned out!

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field of flowers buffet pin

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    • That’s a bummer, Maggie. It may not have dried properly before packaging. I’m sure Dixie Belle would replace it if you let them know it was defective. I’ve used a bunch of their transfers and haven’t had that issue. xo, Shannon


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