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Smooth as Silk Olive Green Dresser

cactus dresser flower child wide

This beautiful olive green dresser started out lovely, but needed a little makeover for modern times. It was given to me by a family that was moving away and couldn’t take all their furniture with them. It is really well constructed, and didn’t have much damage. Plus, you know by now I love myself some … Read more

Using Clay Based Paint Like an Artist

half table clay based paint

Since using Dixie Belle’s new clay based paint (Terra) for the first time last week, I decided to try some more colors and techniques this week. The antique table below was already cut in half to put up against a wall when I purchased it. It also had quite a bit of damage to the … Read more

Cloudy Blending Paint on Furniture

catalog pull dresser with cc

You may have noticed there are multiple different ways of blending paint on furniture.  Some are seamless, some are more rustic, and some are “cloudy” like this one. A cloudy blend is appropriate for all kinds of styles, like boho, farmhouse and even traditional.  It’s also somewhat easy to achieve with a little practice. As … Read more

French Linen Antique Dresser Makeover

french linen champagne dresser

Today’s antique dresser makeover has my heart because it is neutral, girly, glam and gorgeous all at the same time!  This dresser came to me from the same estate as last week’s MCM dresser.   I feel like that top left drawer is winking at us!  I have no idea how it got that way, but … Read more

Mesmerizing MCM Dresser Makeover

MCM dresser makeover

You won’t believe how easy this MCM dresser makeover was!  Leaving the drawer fronts original really cuts down on the overall project time, and having all the original hardware simplifies things too. But before we get into all that, I did want to take a moment to honor the man that owned this dresser.  He … Read more

Old World French Country Dresser

french country dresser left

While I almost always like the projects I do when they are finished, I have to say I love this French country dresser so much.  I’ve done a lot of these Henry Link French provincial style dressers at this point. If you need a visual, here’s a little collage with some of them.  I’ll keep … Read more