Deep Sea Dresser

deep sea dresser front

This painted mid century dresser has such a clean modern look now!  I used Dixie Belle’s Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint.  This is the second time I’ve painted with it, and it’s a gorgeous paint.

I got this tallboy dresser at our local Habitat ReStore, and it was in really great clean condition.  

deep sea dresser before

Here are the supplies I used.

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If you want tons of information on Dixie Belle paint and products, you can check out this Comprehensive Guide post, and you can download it free here by clicking the picture:

Deep Sea Blue Painted Mid Century Dresser

Personally, I really enjoy pairing midcentury modern pieces like this with a classic color like navy blue.  They just seem to go together.

I have a comparison of Silk paint to the original chalk paint line towards the end of this painted headboard bench post, and more Silk tips in this How to Use Silk Paint post.  Go check them out if you wonder exactly what Silk is formulated to do.

Silk paint has a built-in primer and top coat, so it reduces the amount of time, product and effort to paint a piece.  I recommend 2 coats for full coverage. 

It’s perfect for one-color finishes like this one.  It’s also self-leveling, with a soft and pretty eggshell sheen.

If you’re going for a blended, textured or ombre finish, I would recommend  the chalk paint range instead.

But there are no rules with creativity, and you can experiment and break some of the Silk rules if you want to! That’s what I did with this fun toy box.

deep sea dresser side angle

Silkscreen Stencil Accents

This is where I went a little less traditional and mashed up the MCM style with some boho patterns using silkscreen stencils around the drawer edges.  Most of the designs are from the Patterns stencil, but I threw in a couple from the Western Boho stencil as well.

I played around with the placement of these, trying to get a balanced look.  This is your reminder that stencils can be placed vertically too!  

Cut out the section you’re using.  These stencils are self-adhesive; you just peel off the backing to place them and press down thoroughly.  

The designs may look white to you, but they are actually a light blue-gray color called Quiet Cove.   I used a small brush to paint over the stencil, but you can also use the little tool provided with the silkscreens or the Thing-a-ma-jig to pull paint over the stencil.

The beauty of the silkscreen is you don’t get paint bleeding under the stencil and blurring the edges of the design.  Everything is crisp and clean.

deep sea dresser detail

Transforming the Hardware

Lastly, the original hardware needed an update.  I debated whether to use gold, the predictable choice for me with navy blue.  But I decided to go with silver.

I can’t say enough about Dixie Belle’s Gemstone Mousse.  It’s water-based, so it’s not smelly and it’s easy to wash out of brushes.  Plus it’s so brilliantly shiny, it really adds a pop to any piece.

Here I’ve used the Diamond Gemstone mousse.  I brushed it on with a small artist brush and sealed it with Satin Clear Coat.

painted mid century dresser left side

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  1. I so enjoy your posts – projects. Still just dabbling. I considering a painting tent because I cant use my garage. Also wondering about a sprayer, if that is a good investment??
    Thank you.

    • Hi Sharon! Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoy them. I’m sorry I’m not a lot of help regarding sprayers. I got a cheaper one for Christmas and plan to learn to use it when it warms up here in Wisconsin. Maybe start with a less expensive sprayer or borrow a friend’s if you can, and then you’ll know if it’s for you or not. Hope that helps! xo, Shannon


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