Colorful Moroccan Tile Table

moroccan tile table

I’ve had this small accent table in my stash forever, but I didn’t have a design idea for it until Dixie Belle came out with their Colorful Tiles decoupage paper.  It all came together into this colorful Moroccan tile table.

This plain little table was about to get a full makeover.

moroccan tile table before

Here are the products I used to achieve this colorful look.

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A Mixture of Blues

I wanted the legs of this piece to look like the ocean.  At the bottom is Bunker Hill Blue, blending into Cobalt in the middle and Dixie Belle Blue at the top. 

I used the same brush for the 2 darker colors, and a different brush for the lightest color.  I blended a little where the colors came together, but the fluting on the legs actually made it super easy.  And the desired look is somewhat messy also.

Around the apron and the top edge, I dry brushed all 3 blue colors.

moroccan tile table full view

Using Rustic Red and then Amber Gemstone mousse, I dabbed a little sparingly around the apron and the edges of the tile top.  It’s also Amber on the little medallion on the bottom.

I chose a flat clear coat to seal all but the top to keep it looking authentically aged.

moroccan tile table detail

Colorful Tiles Decoupage: Moroccan Tile Table

This element is what totally makes this look and brings it all together.  Isn’t the design pretty?  So affordable, and so much bang for your buck! 

To apply it, I brushed a coat of clear coat Satin on the top and then carefully placed the paper where I wanted it.  I had it cut to size for the most part, but used a razor blade to shape it to the curve across the front.

I finished the top with 2 coats of clear coat satin for that tile-like shine.

moroccan tile table top

This project only took me a couple hours total, and I can’t believe how easy it was to do!

moroccan tile table angle

This one has a very satisfying before & after!  Please Pin!

moroccan tile table pin

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