Colorful Boho Painted Table Transformation

colorful boho painted table

I really love how this colorful boho painted table turned out!

To appreciate how far this table has come, just look at how I found it at my local Habitat ReStore.

restore table before

Before we get into the details of this colorful boho painted table, here are the supplies I used to achieve this look.

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Colorful Boho Painted Table Foundation

To start this table transformation, I went to the Dixie Belle Color Lab match a color feature.  I uploaded a picture of the Flower Child transfer.  It gives you a bunch of color options that match the transfer.

I selected a color by tapping on it.  Then it shows you which colors to mix in what ratio to get that color.

I mixed 80% Plum Crazy with 20% Dried Sage, and got this pretty pink-plum color.

color match collage

Before I got started painting, I cleaned the table very well inside and out with White Lightning TSP cleaner.  When I was cleaning, my rags were turning a brown-red color which is an indication of a bleeder (meaning the wood color might bleed through the paint). 

Because of that, I decided to prime with a coat of gray BOSS. Then I painted the whole piece with a coat of my custom pink.

I also filled the holes on the bottom drawer, so I could switch to all knobs.  The original configuration of knobs on top and a pull on the bottom tends to look like a smiley face.  Once you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see it!

pink table in process

Boho Ombre Finish

Here is where I decided to switch direction a bit, and paint an artistic ombre for the base rather than solid pink.  I love the combination of Apricot with pink because it gives me sunset vibes.

On the second coat, I painted the pink at the bottom and some Apricot in the middle.  Using the Best Dang brush (which is a big round natural blend bristle brush), I did a cloudy blend.

This is a perfect technique if you want to try blending, but aren’t comfortable trying to get that perfect smooth transition.  With the brush, you pounce and swirl to blend the colors.

Then I did the same thing adding Drop Cloth to the top drawer area.  I don’t like to make defined areas of color, but to let the colors fall organically.

colorful boho table side

The dark pink of the first coat is also peeking through in some spots.  See how this technique gives lots of texture and interest?

Next I rubbed on the Flower Child transfer on the drawers.  This is just a small portion of the transfer, so I have lots left over for other projects.

boho table close up

To burnish the transfer down and remove the clear halo of adhesive around it, I used the back side of my sanding pad. It worked really well!

Now the transfer doesn’t look like a layer on top of the paint, but like it’s painted on.

boho table bottom drawer

Light Wood Grain Top

The top is not sanded down to bare wood, but hopefully that’s what you think when you see it.

colorful boho table top

This is the same faux wood grain technique I used on this black entry table, but with different colors.  I told you I was going to have fun trying all kinds of variations on it!

For this look, it’s a base coat of Mud Puddle with Van Dyke brown glaze over it.  I used a 4″ deck brush to drag through the glaze, and then a whisk broom.

The brush dragging needs to be done immediately following the glaze application, before it starts to dry.  So it’s best to do it in smaller sections.  For this top, I did it in 3 sections.

colorful boho table half

To finish off this project, I sealed the whole piece with 2 coats of satin clear coat.  I added a little shimmer and shine with both Apricot Chameleon wax and gold gilding wax around the edges.

I also added crystal and gold knobs, and waxed the drawer glides with Big Mama’s Butta to make them glide smoothly.

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colorful boho table pin

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