Chippy White Dresser Using Crackle Medium

crackle dresser

Shopping , and even a little bit of demolition, began today for our farmhouse bathroom remodel!  We are doing a couple preparatory items ourselves, but the work will mostly be done by a local contractor.  It is expected to take about a month, and (in case you’re curious) cost around $8,000.

I just had to get that exciting news off my chest, and now on to this plain little dresser.

crackle dresser before

It has been in my stash so long, I can’t even remember for sure where I got it.  I think I bought it once in a big bundle of items, the rest of which are long since refinished and sold.  This piece remained because I just never felt inspired with a refinishing idea or paint color. 

But then, along came this product I wanted to try called Crackle medium.  So why not experiment on this small 3-drawer dresser with it?  I was shooting for a look like it was pulled out of a barn after years of neglect, which adds to its character.

Here are the products you’ll need for this project:

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Paint & Products

To start, I painted the whole dresser in a dark brown color called Coffee Bean.  I haven’t used it previously, and I’ll definitely want to circle back and do a finished piece in this color some time.  It’s so rich and deep and beautiful.

The Crackle medium was super thick, and applied pretty gloppy.  I would recommend using it more sparingly, and not trying to coat every inch thoroughly.  Here is what it looked like with the wet Crackle coat.

dresser with wet crackle medium

Once that coat dried overnight, I painted one coat of a warm white called Drop Cloth.  If you want to see more projects in this color or any of Dixie Belle paint brand’s whites and creams, go here. The Crackle reacts as it dries, so you won’t really know what you’ve got until it’s all dry.

You get a ton of interesting texture with this product.

To drive home the aged farmhouse chippy look of the dresser, I added these hammered iron pulls. 

chippy white dresser iron pull

I love the finished look of this chippy white dresser, and would put it in my own house.  I wish our remodeled farmhouse bathroom would be big enough for it!

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