Chalk Painted End Tables | Blue-Gray Layered Finish

end table side detail

I’m so excited to share these chalk painted bombe end tables with you!  I actually finished them before the curvy coffee table I shared last week.

The coffee table base is painted a warm white color, and the top has a layered brown-gray finish.

I didn’t paint these to match.  I can’t really explain why…except I’m a creative and I get easily distracted (wink, wink).  I had intended to match all 3 tables, and sell them as a set.  But somewhere along the way, I threw that plan out the window, and did the coffee table neutral.

So let’s talk about the end tables.  They have just as much wonderful detail as the coffee table did, but in a mini format. 

bombe end tables before

Color & Technique

For the color, I chose a blue-gray called Stormy Seas.  I painted one coat over the wood, nail-head trim, rattan and everything, and let it dry thoroughly. 

end table first coat

From there, I thought I’d like to layer on some dark gray for some variation, so I used Hurricane Gray.  But I immediately thought better of it, and got a wet rag to wipe off the gray.  And then a happy accident occurred because some of the blue color was coming off down to the wood, and some of the gray color was stuck down in the detailed cracks and crevices.  And I loved where it was headed!

After the paint dried, I wanted even more depth, so I added some black glaze.  I used two cheap-o chip brushes, one to lightly apply glaze around the edges and details, and a dry one to feather and blend it out.  When dry, I sealed the tops with a coat of Gator Hide for durability.

end table tops

The original drawer hardware was pretty, but one pull was missing, so I had to switch it all out.  I picked up these new brushed bronze ring pulls from Hobby Lobby.  Don’t you love the combination of the bronze with the gray-blue color?

end table close up

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And in case you’re loving layered finishes as much as I am, here is one I did on a dining table and another one I did for a rolling coffee cart with a barnwood look.  Plus, if you like happy accidents, here’s a beautiful one from Melanie at Lost and Found Décor.  

I’m starting work on another big project, so come back soon to see how it turns out.  And don’t forget to Pin!

chalk painted end tables

2 thoughts on “Chalk Painted End Tables | Blue-Gray Layered Finish”

  1. The tables look very nice. My wife and I bought the matching coffee table a few years ago and they quit selling them at ashley furniture, and I cannot find them anywhere. Is there a part number on the bottom of either of the end tables? It would e greatly appreciated in helping me find the matching side tables. Thank you and great job on the painting looks fantastic.

    • Hi Stefan,
      I would love to help you out, but I sold those tables so I can’t check for a part number. Good luck locating them, and thanks for reading!


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