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chalk painted end table set

I’m still working on my garage stash of furniture, all procured before the quarantine began.  Yes! – my hoarding habit finally pays off!  These well-made Lenoir House Broyhill end tables came from Goodwill and cost about $15 each.  Matching sets are fairly difficult to come by, so I usually grab them when I can.

chalk painted end tables before

This finish was inspired by Jami Ray Vintage.  I couldn’t find the exact video where they shared this technique, but check out their Youtube channel.  They have tons of inspiration.  I don’t think I ever would have tried black under white without seeing it first.  Here’s what you’ll need if you want to chalk paint a farmhouse table.


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Adding the Black Sea Spray Base Layer

After a good cleaning, I was able to jump right into this project since no repairs were needed.  Using Dixie Belle’s blackest black, Caviar, I mixed it with Sea Spray.  This makes the paint much thicker and bumpier.  I just eyeballed the ratio, but I would guess it was about 2 ounces of paint to half a scoop of Sea Spray. 

I painted this on the edges and a few other areas where I thought I would sand more aggressively later. Don’t be alarmed!  This is the ugy stage.

table with black texture


After the black texture dried completely, I painted 2 coats of Cotton, Dixie Belle’s whitest white.  I wasn’t concerned about full coverage because we were going to bring the black back through with sanding anyhow.

chalk painted end tables side view

Speaking of sanding, I used 80-grit sand paper to sand through to the black in some areas.  For the rest, I used less abrasive 220-grit paper just to get a smooth buttery finish.  The random placement of the Sea Spray makes the distressing look more organic and authentic.

chalk paint texture detail

Drawer Side Stencil

You could definitely stop there and have a couple of great end tables.  But I wanted to add a little more detail, and I love yellow with black and white.  So I painted the drawer sides with 2 coats of Daisy. 

I had this oak leaf stencil laying around for literally 20 years or more, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find something similar or use any stencil you have on hand.  To stencil the leaves, I used Manatee Gray.  I distressed the drawer sides too because we don’t want them looking fresh and new while the rest looks chippy and worn.

drawer side yellow with stencil

Finishing Touches Chalk Painted End Tables

To finish off this farmhouse look, I picked up some cup pulls at Ace Hardware.  They were brushed silver, so I spray painted them black to match.  I think they really drive home the farmhouse style.

chalk painted end table tops

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