Paint a Dreamy Butterfly Headboard

translucent garden headboard2

If there’s a special little girly-girl in your life, you can make this butterfly headboard for her!  It’s really not that hard since the graphics all come in the Translucent Garden transfer.

Today I’m sharing the final piece of the large French Provincial bedroom set I’ve been working on.  I painted most of the pieces in different styles and colors, and will split them up for sale. 

If you want to see the other pieces, you can check out the dresser, bedside table, trunk and other headboard.

twin headboard before

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Apricot and Aubergine

Full disclosure, I started painting this headboard Apricot when I thought I was going to be using the Flower Child transfer.  Then I didn’t receive that shipment on time, so I shifted gears to the Translucent Garden transfer.

It’s a beautiful transfer with lots of very big flowers, as well as some butterflies and dragonflies.  Don’t be thrown by the word “translucent” in the name.  I suspected it would be transparent, but it wasn’t.

butterfly headboard left view

Next, I brought in the Aubergine on the left side and in the middle.  Since Apricot and Aubergine aren’t close colors, they aren’t the easiest combination to blend. 

My favorite hack to cover any blending sins is to place the Lace transfer over it.  I did this on a previous footboard project (below), and loved it.  It provides just enough of a textural element for the eye to focus on so you don’t really examine the blending too much.

lace transfer closeup

Translucent Garden Transfer

Once the paint was all dry, I scuff-sanded and wiped it all down for a smooth surface.  Did you know chalk paint can be buttery smooth when sanded and sealed?  It can!

Then I applied a large flower and some stems from the Translucent Garden transfer to the center.  I also put the Lace transfer across the bottom board and up the sides of the center section.

I couldn’t resist putting a butterfly over the lace in the corner.  I picture a little girl in bed being thrilled when she spies that butterfly.

garden headboard collage

Metallic Wash Butterfly Headboard

To give it that fairytale glow, I wanted to add some Moonshine Metallics in Rozay and Steel Magnolia.  To make sure I didn’t cause my transfers to lift or any paint to reactivate from water, I sealed with a coat of Clear Coat Satin first.

Next, I brushed on Rozay and Steel Magnolia here and there, and then sprayed it with a mister bottle.  I blotted off the runs and puddles with a paper towel.

Lastly, I sealed again with a coat of satin.  If you like this little girl’s butterfly headboard project, please Pin!

butterfly headboard pin

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