Bunker Hill Blue MCM Credenza

mcm credenza front

While I’m calling this a mid century credenza diy, it’s actually not a vintage piece of furniture.  I’m told it was in a hotel, but it is obviously made in the mcm style.  If you aren’t familiar, that’s just a style of furniture that was popular in the 1950’s-ish, and has straight lines or geometric patterns.  That’s definitely not an exhaustive definition, but just enough so we’re all on the same page.

Also, if you don’t believe in painted mid century furniture, a look-alike like this is the way to go.

mcm credenza before

If you’d like to see a Facebook Live video I did finishing this table, you can check that out here.  This is another pretty simple project that would be great for a beginner.  Here is the list of the products I used.


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Also, if you want a handy reference tool for all of Dixie Belle’s products (dry times, application methods, top coats, etc.), you can download my free guide by clicking the picture here:

There were couple sizable holes in the top of this table, so first I fixed those with Bondo.  For smaller holes, I’ll use Dixie Bell mud, but for bigger repairs I love the hardness and durability of Bondo.  Just be sure to use it in a well-ventilated area because it sure does stink.

Painting Bunker Hill Blue

I love this shade of blue because it’s brighter than navy, but not as bright as cobalt.  It has a classic feel to it.  I painted the credenza with 2 coats.

For the metallic gold on the legs, I first painted a coat of Colonel Mustard.  This makes the metallic more opaque, so fewer coats are needed.  On this piece, I did 2 coats of Gold Digger over the mustard.

mcm credenza side angle

Stenciling Gold Metallic

This stencil comes in a self-adhesive roll, so it’s easy to press it into the little corners of the rounded areas.

You can also re-use it about 3-5 times, as long as it remains sticky.  I pull it off as soon as I’m done stenciling, before it’s dry.

mcm credenza close up

Finishing Touches

For the hardware, I re-used the existing knobs.  I painted them blue, and then I lightly ran my gold brush over them.

I also sealed the top with 2 coats of Satin Clear Coat.  I apply it with the applicator pad from Dixie Belle to avoid brush strokes.

mcm credenza top

I used the same stencil and colors to add a pretty design to the drawer sides.

mcm credenza drawer sides

If you like this stenciled finish, you might enjoy this one too.  It is also a blue and gold combination, with brown glaze to give a different look.

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mcm credenza before and after

6 thoughts on “Bunker Hill Blue MCM Credenza”

    • Thanks, Lora! Stencils sometimes slip my mind for a while, but I’m always happy when I use them. They are such a small investment for a huge payoff.

  1. Great makeover! I like the color combo and the stencil detail. The surprise touch on the sides of the drawers is a nice added touch too. Pinned

    • Thanks, Marie! Navy and gold are a classic! I have seen lots of fancy drawer sides online lately, so I thought it would be a great detail.


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