Brushed Metallic Desk

brushed metallic desk

A pretty great repeat client of mine recently brought me this very solid desk for a makeover.  Her husband had a desk with no storage, and who needs that, right?  So they purchased this desk from a school.  I assume it was a teacher’s desk. 

brushed metallic desk before

They saw and loved the recent dresser makeover I had done for my son – a brushed metallic look.  So they requested the same look on the desk.

industrial dresser right

Here are the products I used.

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Hurricane Gray

I started by cleaning the piece really well with White Lightning, and then rinsing with clean water.  Using my favorite synthetic mini brush, I painted 2 coats of Hurricane Gray.  On the second coat, I usually spray mist with my water bottle as I go to keep the paint smooth.  You can mist the piece, or the brush.  It’s a matter of preference, but either way works.

brushed metal desk side

Black Wax

The next step is applying black wax.  I did this in small sections with a big natural bristle brush, and then immediately wiped and blended it with a shop cloth. This is when you start to get the metal look, thanks to the variation in color and texture it creates.

Painted Top

The top was a bit of a nightmare, I’m not gonna lie.  I should have seen that black magic marker and known to seal it with BOSS.  After all, BOSS stops bleed-through.  Instead, I painted a coat of Coffee Bean.  Then, another coat of Coffee Bean with some Tobacco Road blended in.  Then 2 coats of Satin Clear Coat, and THEN the bleed-through began.

brushed metallic desk top before

See the marks that came up through the paint?  The liquid top coat can make this happen.  If I had waxed the top instead, I likely wouldn’t have had the issue.

desk top marker

Soooo, much as I didn’t want to start over, I had to start over.  I painted 2 coats of BOSS, and then repeated the Coffee Bean and Tobacco Road.  After 1 coat of sealer, I could still see some faint bleed-through.   Friends, I was over it by then!  So, my solution was to add some black into the blending, strategically placed over the spots.

After some final sealing, I called it done.

industrial desk top

Drawer Sides

My client also asked for a fun geometric pattern to be added to the drawer sides.  I happened to have this harlequin stencil, so I was happy to use it.  I painted a coat of Buttercream for the base, and stenciled the pattern using Silver Bullet metallic.  This is a pretty combination I’ll have to remember for the outside of a piece.  

industrial desk drawer sides

To finish off the look, I spray painted the existing hardware with Rustoleum Hammered Silver.

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